2014 fiscal year

  • Form 200.Corporate tax

    Corporation Tax and Income Tax for Non-Residents (permanent establishments and entities in the income allocation system constituted abroad with presence on Spanish territory).

  • Version 1.01

    The limit to the losses pending set-off will not be applied to the amount of income corresponding to discharges resulting from agreement with creditors not associated to the taxpayer is modified.

  • Windows version Download enforceable document  (14,698,520 bytes)
  • Linux version Download batch processing file  (13,779,648 bytes)
  • Mac OS X version Download Apple disc image file  (14,286,848 bytes)
  • Compressed file (decompress and execute the .jar file) Compressed ZIP file  (12,882,594 bytes)
  • WARNING:For the correct enforcement of the aid programs it is necessary to have a Java Virtual Machine installed.

  • The Tax Agency guarantees that the PADIS 2014 help program downloaded from its web page does not contain any viruses. Es posible que algún antivirus lo identifique como virus en el momento de la descarga o instalación. En este caso, para poder completar la instalación del programa de ayuda, utilice las opciones que proporcione el propio antivirus.

    Running the program from the compressed file:

    1.Download the compressed ZIP file and unzip it in folder called SPANISH TAX AGENCY on your main drive.*

    (for example, "C:/Tax Agency" on Windows operating systems, "Applications/Tax Agency" on MacOSX operating systems or "/home/user/Tax Agency" on Linux operating systems).

    * Si no tiene la carpeta "AEAT" es necesario crearla.

    2.Go to the 'Sociedades 200-2014' folder, contained within the 'AEAT' folder, and execute the file soc200.jar