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    • The product, "Annual Statistics" makes available for users through the Tax Agency Internet Portal, a web that allows users to define and make their own tables, create graphs from these tables and export the data to Excel or CSV files with the purpose of integrating it into their own analysis tools. 

      The statistical data provided by this application correspond to Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and the Labour Market.This new application changes the type of statistical production used to date, from a static and annual perspective per form to a dynamic and multi-year perspective for several forms. It provides a list of aggregate economic variables, and common classifying variables for different taxes.  

      The data shown is data on the main figures published in the annual statistics made available on the AEAT website, grouped by year and subject to are data of the main figures published in the annual statistics published on the Tax Agency's website, grouped by year and subject to statistical secrecy.  

      For further information on the contents of this new applications, we recommend you read the presentation note in the Documentation section.

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    • 2021

      Day 8
      (form 100)
      - Day 9
      (form 714)
      Day 18 (Municipal data)
      Day 28 (form 200)
      Day 3 (form 390)
      Day 30 (form 190)
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