Language policy

  • Welcome to the Tax Agency's web portal.In this space you will find all the information and documentation that at this time is available in Spanish and the corresponding computer-assisted translations into the co-official languages (Catalan, Galician, Valencian) and English.

    The Tax Agency's language policy is based on communicating in the respective co-official language with everyone who wishes to have this service, and also in English.

    The contents of this website have been written originally in Spanish and translated for your convenience using computer-assisted translation software, and therefore they may contain errors.

    The official text of this website is the version in Spanish.If you have any doubt or query regarding the accuracy of the information contained in any part of the translated text in this space, please consult the official version in Spanish.

    In any case, it is guaranteed that taxpayers will be able to use the recognised co-official language in their respective Autonomous Community.

    In regard to the translation of regulatory provisions, only those published translated into the corresponding co-official language in official journals are incorporated.

    Technical information on the selection of Language

    The web portal of the Tax Agency offers two types of services:Tax Information and Customised Services.

    The method of selecting the language will be as follows:

    1.For Tax Information services:

    Choose one of the optionsBienvenido, Benvingut, Benvido y Benvingut o Englishthat appear in the top right-hand corner of the web portal, to select the language from Castilian, Catalan, Galician, Valencian or English, respectively, which will be operative throughout the web browser session.

    2.For Customised Services:

    There are two possibilities of selection of language:

    Through the language preference of your web browser.

    Set up the web browser with your language preferences, generating a list of preferred languages, which will operate permanently (unless it is modified) for both the Customised Services of the Tax Agency's website and for any other multi-language website.

    By creating a cookie.

    Choose one of the optionsBienvenido, Benvingut, Benvido, Benvingut, English, which will generate a cookie (called " aeat-language ") in your which will operate permanently until it is modified with a new choice or is explicitly removed from your PC.

    The choice of language by this method will have priority on the list of language preferences of the following point.

    The Customised Services will be offered in the user's preferred language provided that this possible, and in Spanish when it is not possible.