Informative tax returns

  • In order to facilitate the elaboration, modification and filing of tax returns, the informative platforms and help programs were abolished in 2017, and thus users no longer need to download and install them on their computers.Instead, all operations can be done using the forms corresponding to each tax return form, accessible from all browsers.

    The form for filling out the tax return can be found in the Filing section on the Tax Agency's E-Office.

  • Information returns

Informative platforms

  • In order to obtain the help program for certain Informative Tax Returns, you must download the Information Informative Tax Returns Platform corresponding to your operating system (Windows, Linux or MAC), if you do not already have it installed.

    Once you have downloaded and installed the Informative Tax Returns Platform, you will be able to add the specific modules of each of the informative tax returns to be submitted, whether they correspond to the present or previous tax years.

  • Full version 12.00

    Full version 12.01

    Modification to the way in which the receipt PDF of the TGVI (Trasmission of Large Volumes of Information) filing is obtained.

    Full version 12.02

    The platform's help is modified.

  • Windows information platform    (29,518,360 bytes)
  • Linux information platform    (28,045,793 bytes)
  • Mac OS X information platform    (28,582,023 bytes)
  • Compressed file (decompress and execute the .jar file)    (26.200.298 bytes)
  • Requisitos:

    This help program requires Java to be installed.

    Informative tax return forms that you can submit with the help program for each year


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