Calculation of the attachable amount of salaries

  • Recommendations for setting up the web browser applicable to online programmes for calculation of the attachable amount of Salaries:

    • Any web browser with the correctly installed Java Plug-In 1.5.x or later version will be valid.
    • The web browsers must have setup options of Java and JavaScript for the correct functioning of the applications.
    • Web portal of help programs

      The help program for the Income Tax return (PADRE) 2009 has been developed completely in Java to make it possible to use in all operating environments that have the corresponding Java Virtual Machine (JVM 1.6).In this way it combines with the other help programs in Java (VAT, Corpratin Tax, Informative Tax Returns, etc.)provided by the Tax Agency.Therefore it will no longer be provided as an online execution service in the Tax Agency's web portal

  • Calculation of the attachable amount of SalariesInformation you can find at the Tax Agency E-Office