At the close of the year, the Tax Agency has returned more than €9,300 million to 13.6 million taxpayers

2016 Income Campaign

  • Almost 97% of refunds and more than 93% of the requested amounts have already been paid
  • 17,355,000 Tax returns have been filed online, 88% of the total number of Tax returns, representing 38 points more than six years ago when the measures to promote online filing as the primary filing method were bolstered

2 January 2018.- The Tax Agency has already completed, by 29 December, 96.9% of the refunds corresponding to the 2016 Personal Income Tax Campaign, with the result that, at the close of last year, nearly 13,618,000 payers of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) had already obtained their refund. The overall amount refunded comes to 9.319 million euros, 93.2% of the total amount claimed.

The total number of Tax returns filed during the last Personal Income Tax campaign came to 19,728,000, representing almost 176,000 more than in the previous campaign, which confirms the sustained recovery of the number of people filing Personal Income Tax, starting in 2015.

A new increase in the number of online filings has also been seen, reaching 17,355,000 tax returns, 88% of the total. Six years ago (Personal Income Tax 2010, filed in 2011), when the Tax Agency started to reinforce the measures to promote online filing as a principal formula of filling out and filing Tax returns, less than 50% of Tax returns were filed online. Now, however, online filing has increased by 38 points.

‘RENTA WEB’ a boost to the campaign

The full implementation of "RENTA WEB' this year as a universal tool offered by the Tax Agency for managing all tax returns represents the culmination of a strategy started six years ago with the setting up of the REN0 service for obtaining the tax return draft online, and its aim was to speed up tax return filing and facilitate the refund process, so that more taxpayers could file sooner and get their refund faster.

Thus, in the first two months of the last campaign, 43% more Tax returns have been filed compared with six years ago, and refunds have increased by 35%. Now, over half the expected total tax returns are presented in the two first months of the campaign.

Despite the decrease occurring during the latest campaign in requests for refunds, both in number (-3.9%) and in amount (-8.8%), refunds effectively made to taxpayers to date are falling at a lower rate (-3.4% in number and -8.7% in amount).

The decrease in applications for refunds contrasts with a significant increase in payable tax returns. There are two reasons for the difference initially forecast in the number of payable and negative tax returns; on the one hand, a better performance than that forecast in the real estate sector regarding capital gains, as well as in leasing; and, on the other hand, a continuation in 2016 of the effect of the tax reform, exempting more taxpayers from filing a tax return.

Annex: The following tables are attached:

  • 2016 Personal Income Tax (Data at 29 December for 2016 Personal Income Tax and 30 December for 2015 Personal Income Tax)
  • Tax returns filed
  • Requested and paid refunds (amounts in million euros)
  • 2015-16 Refunds paid, number and amount (amounts in millions of euros)