The Tax Agency warns of a ‘Phishing’ type fraud attempt via Internet coinciding with the 2018 Income Tax campaign

The Tax Agency has blocked various attempts at fraud by email and SMS in which its identity and image is forged and malicious links are sent on the false premise of tax rebate payments. These links usually forward the recipient to fraudulent websites that also feature a fake image of the Tax Agency, which asks users to submit personal and bank information such as account numbers and credit card PINs.

As soon as the Tax Agency becomes aware of these fraud attempts, known as phishing, it deploys the necessary action to mitigate their effect and block all the fraudulent links detected.
However, the first step to fight phishing is to prevent users from opening suspicious communications asking for banking or personal information. As such, the Tax Agency:

  • Never requests confidential, economic or personal information by email, nor will it ever request your account number or card number by email.
  • Advises that you do not trust any communication in which you are requested to disclose confidential, economic or personal information or which contains a link that does not go to the Tax Agency website.
  • Recommends you view the Security Notice on the E-Office at which warns of the different types of fraud attempts.

The Tax Agency is grateful for citizens’ collaboration in combating this type of fraud.