• 18-06-15The Spanish Tax Agency warns of a new attempted fraud via the Internet known as ‘phishing'

    The scam makes reference to a supposed refund and uses the Spanish Tax Agency logo

  • 27-05-15New PREFERENCE SHARES section

    In order to provide procedures to the affected taxpayers relating to the tax payment of income derived from subordinated debt or from preference shares, the Tax Agency has added a section named PREFERENCE SHARES which is located both in the web portal of the 2014 Income Campaign and in that of Personal Income Tax (TAXES) on the homepage of this website.

  • 19-05-15Principal tax changes introduced by Royal Decree-Act 6/2015, of 14 May, adopting other tax measures.

    Special rules of the quantitative assessment of income derived from subordinated debt or preference shares on the Personal Income Tax.

  • 12-05-15New appointment service by telephone unrelated to the Tax Agency detected (11847)

    Certain telephone numbers have been detected, such as 11847, which provide the possibility to make appointments with the Tax Agency to draft tax returns or to modify drafts.

    The Tax Agency wants to clarify that it has no relation whatsoever with this phone number and that, in addition to constituting costly fees for the users, appointments that are obtained via the above-mentioned number may not be able to be validated and therefore may not be fulfilled.

  • 07-05-15Telephone appointment services outside of the Tax Agency

    The Tax Agency has detected telephone services requiring additional payment for ringing the Tax Agency number for taxpayers to make appointments for assistance in drafting their returns or modifying the 2014 Income draft.

    The Tax Agency would like to remind taxpayers that the appointment services telephone number is 901 22 33 44, and that through this the user will only assume the shared cost of calling a 901 number.You may also make an appointment online free of charge.

  • 06-05-15Start of the period for requesting appointments for 2014 Income Tax (Renta)

    The period in which to request an appointment for the preparation service of tax returns and draft modifications begins on Wednesday 6 May in branches of the Tax Agency and other administrations.Appointments can be requested via Internet at any moment or by calling 901 22 33 44 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00).

    The period for requesting prior appointments will end on 29 June.

  • 27-04-15Statement issued by the Tax Agency on 25 April as a result of the information published in the press that same day.

    The State Tax Agency wishes to make the following statements:

    1. The actions taken during the referenced entries and searches were carried out in strict compliance with the applicable regulations, under criteria of professionalism and efficiency, in accordance with the specific instructions of the examining magistrate and at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office.
    2. The Tax Agency performs its activities with full independence and in compliance with the tasks entrusted to it.
    3. The aforesaid entries and searches were carried out under the coordination and supervision of the National Fraud Investigation Bureau (ONIF), which is in charge of the investigation.The work of the Customs Surveillance Service in these entries and searches was exclusively of support for the investigators.
    4. Once again, the Tax Agency wishes to state its full support for the civil servants in the work they carry out within the framework of their respective functions.
  • 22-04-15Text messages (SMS) not sent by the Tax Agency

    Text messages (SMS) sent to taxpayers by telephonic customer services and information companies have been detected, which forward calls to the Tax Agency and charge for this service as per their tariff, in relation to the application for services such as requesting the 2014 Income draft and its confirmation.

  • 20-04-15Extension of the period for presenting certain forms

    For technical reasons the filing period of forms 123, 124, 126, 128, 130, 131, 136 and 216 is extended until 24 April 2015.

  • 07-04-152014 Income and Wealth

    The 2014 Income campaign begins on 7 April and you can already file your Income Tax return and modify or confirm the draft over the Internet

    All help services are available from said date, for example, acquisition of the reference number (RENØ) to file your tax return over the Internet and to enquire about, modify or confirm the draft and for the telephone information service.Additionally you are offered the possibility of confirming or modifying drafts by phone or SMS.

    It should be noted that the period in which to request an appointment for the preparation service of tax returns and draft modifications in branches of the Tax Agency does not begin until 6 May.The period of face-to-face appointments in offices and to file tax returns and drafts on paper starts on 11 May.

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