• 22-04-14Expiration of the period for filing self assessments first quarter 2014

    In accordance with the provisions of each tax, forms whose assessment period corresponds to the first quarter, as well as those corresponding to the March assessment period, will have between 1 and 20 April as a period to file returns.In those cases, such as this year when the last day of the period is a Sunday or public holiday, this period ends on the day immediately after.That is why this year the period for the presentation of these self-assessments ends generally on 21 April and in some Autonomous Communities on 22 April.

    In the case of self-assessments resulting in payments for which direct debit has been chosen, the deadline for presentation is 15 April.

    At no time has the Tax Agency modified the general deadline for filing self-assessments corresponding to this first quarter.

    As of 21 April 2014, the Tax Agency has not issued any surcharge for filing after the deadline for the first quarter as the deadline had not yet ended.

  • 08-04-14End of the period for filing self-assessment returns with direct debit

    After conversations held with collaborating bodies, the period to file returns for self assessments with direct debit, which must be filed in April 2014, will be from 1 to 15 April, in accordance with the provisions of Order EHA/1658/2009, of 12 June.

  • 02-04-14New VAT and Modules web portals

    A new web portal has been set up bringing together all the information about Value Added Tax published in different sections of the website.The web portal uses a simple regime of icons to provide access to procedures related to the tax in the E-Office and to relevant information, thus making it easier for users to search the site.

    A new portal has also been introduced for Modules aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who pay tax according to the objective evaluation scheme for Personal Income Tax and the simplified regime for VAT. In it they will find the information and procedures they need to file returns for both taxes.

  • 26-03-14New FAQs regarding the tax on fluorinated greenhouse gases

    The new questions follow on from those previously published.

  • 18-03-14Refund of the Tax on Retail Sales of Certain Hydrocarbons (the "healthcare cent")

    The Tax Agency has designed a standard application form, of voluntary use for persons who have been affected by the tax and want to request a refund.This standard form is available for submission via the Tax Agency's E-Office.The form comes with instructions and a list of frequently asked questions.

  • 14-03-14New frequently asked questions on Form 720

    New frequently asked questions relating to the Informative Tax Return have been included on goods and rights located abroad (Form 720), whose submission period finishes on 31 March.
    These questions complete those previously published and refer to the obligation of reporting on certain goods and rights.

  • 03-02-14Briefing note Form 347 of 2013

    Methods and term to file Form 347 (annual return for operations with third parties)

  • 28-01-14Questions answered and help filing Form 390 (Annual VAT Summary)

    The Tax Agency has extended its information services during the campaign of filing form 390 (Summary of Value Added Tax), reinforcing the on-site attention counters in its network of offices.

  • 24-01-14Application for the invitation letter to sign up for PIN24H</g>

    The Tax Agency offers you the possibility of registering in the PIN24H system without having to go to one of our branches.

  • 10-01-14Online service for calculating withholdings for personal work for the 2014 period

    With this tool the contributor will be able to calculate the amount and the type of withholdings which apply to him according to the credited or satisfied remunerations, in agreement with that established in the Regulations of the Personal Income Tax in articles 80 and following.

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