Draft Order containing modifications to several informative tax returns

A Draft Order will be published imminently in the Official State Gazette containing modifications to the following orders: Order HAP/1608/2014, of 4 September, approving form 187, for informative tax returns containing stocks and shares representing capital or assets of collective investment institutions; Order EHA/3435/2007, of 23 November, approving self-assessment forms 117, 123, 124, 126, 128, and 300; Order EHA/3127/2009, of 10 November, approving form 190 for the declaration of annual summaries of tax deductions and incomes on account for individuals relating to earnings from work, financial activities, prizes, and certain capital gains and income allocations; Order EHA/3300/2008, of 7 November, approving form 196 on income from movable capital and income deriving from compensation from any type of financial institution; Order EHA/3895/2004, of 23 November, approving form 198 for the annual tax return for financial assets and other transferable securities transactions; Order HAP/1695/2016, of 25 October, approving form 289, informative tax return on financial accounts in the field of mutual assistance, and containing modifications to other tax regulations; and Order EHA/3202/2008, of 31 October, approving form 291 "Income Tax for Non-Residents. Non-residents who are not permanently established. Informative Tax Return for the Accounts of Non-Residents".