Information Reuse (Open Data Initiative)

  • Open data makes public information resources generated by Tax Agency units available for reuse.

    What is reuse?

    Reuse (also known as "open data" initiative) consists of the use of documents prepared or guarded by Administrations and public sector organisations, by individuals or institutions, for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

    Reuse will benefit reusers and society in general, as it contributes to economic growth and the creation of jobs.

    Available formats for reuse

    Reuse is closely linked to the eGovernment and the information society, so the ideal format for the availability of documents for reuse will be electronic.

    If the information you request will require any kind of processing or reworking by the Tax Agency, you must use the right of access and not the reuse of information (Open Data initiative).  

    You will find all the information about the right of access via the following link:  

    Right to access public informationNew window

    Reuse of the data in the Tax Agency
  • Terms and Conditions of reuse
  • Regulations regarding material for reuse
  • Available data:Tax Agency open data catalogue
  • Enquiries on reuse (datos.gob initiative)
  • Links to other reuse pages