Presentation of Customs warehouses and Free zone Documents

  • In order to facilitate presentation of declarations and make it easier for operators to meet their tax obligations, the Tax Agency's Customs and Excise Duties Department offers taxpayers the possibility of presenting their customs declarations online.

    Using a Telecommunications system and the standard EDIFACT, it is possible to present the Customs Warehouse Documents online:DVD (Customs Warehousing SAD), IDA (Inclusion in Customs Warehouse), RUN (Conversion of Units) and TRS (Transfer between Deposits of the same holder or into a Deposit with Direct Debiting).



    The EDIFACT/CUSDEC file is sent online, with the only requirement being to hold a User Certificate (digital signature) granted by the Spanish Mint (Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre).For further information on obtaining and using this file, go to Tax Agency.

    You can find out the status where you will find a customs declaration sent online, provided it has been received in the Customs information system.To access the query it is necessary to have a valid user certificate issued by the Spanish Mint (Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre) installed in the browser.For security purposes, only tax returns filed by the holder of the certificate can be viewed.

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