Filing Simplified accompanying document, form 503

  • Simplified Accompanying Document, form 503 (432 KB)
  • In order to facilitate presentation of declarations and make it easier for operators to meet their tax obligations, the Tax Agency's Customs and Excise Duties Department offers taxpayers the possibility of presenting their customs declarations online.

    By using a Telecommunications system and the standard EDIFACT, it is possible to present Accompanying Documents, Special Taxes Forms 500/503, online.


    As detailed in the Resolution of 16/09/2004 governing standards for compliance of accompanying documents supporting the circulation of products subject to special manufacturing taxes (Official State Gazette 11/10/2004), it is possible to present these documents online.

    The EDIFACT/CUSDEC file is sent online, with the only requirement being to hold a User Certificate (digital signature) granted by one of the Certification Authorities in accordance with Order HAC/1181/2003.For further information on obtaining and using this file, go to

    Es posible conocer la situación en que se encuentra una declaración aduanera enviada de forma telemática, siempre que se haya recibido en el sistema de información de la Aduana. Para acceder a la consulta es necesario tener instalado en el navegador un certificado de usuario válido otorgado por alguna de las Autoridades de Certificación conformes a la Orden HAC/11881/2003. Por razones de seguridad únicamente se podrán visualizar las declaraciones presentadas por el titular del certificado.


    Technical Guides

    Shipping document forms 500/503.CUSDEC message with CUSRES reply.By pressing the second icon you can download a PDF of the EDIFACT guide, which defines the format and contents of the information to be sent.

    Updated at 25-01-2011

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