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How to disable obtain reference number using box function

  • Whenever you believe there is a risk that unauthorised third parties may be aware of certain details of your Income Tax return, you can use the option 'Disable obtain reference number using box function' in the e-Office, preventing anyone from obtaining the reference number of your file using the value in Box 505 of your 2018 Income Tax return.

    This function is permanently disabled until reinstated at a Tax Agency office

    You can carry out this procedure at any Tax Agency office or online. La opción está disponible tanto en el apartado "Más trámites" en el portal de Renta 2019.

    Inhabilitar casilla

    También puede encontarr la opción en la página de trámites del modelo 100 en la Sede Electrónica.

    modelo 100 inhabilitar

    Para inhabilitar la obtención de referencia con la casilla 505 tendrá que identificarse con certificado o DNI electrónico o con Cl@ve PIN.

    selection of identification

    Check that the details are correct and click on 'Accept'.Please bear in mind that if you change your mind, the service can only be reinstated in person at a Tax Office.

    Accept disable

    After disabling the function, the requesting Tax Code will revoke the last reference number generated, if there is one, and it will no longer be possible to conduct any administrative procedures online using that reference number.You will, however, be able to obtain and use the reference numbers if these are obtained using an electronic certificate, ID or Cl@ve PIN.

    obtain reference number disabled

    Si accede nuevamente al servicio de obtención de referencia, la aplicación no le ofrecerá la opción de obtener referencia con la casilla 505 de Renta 2018.

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