Renta WEB Open 2019

  • 'Renta WEB Open' is a version of Renta WEB that works as a simulator;allows you to simulate your 2019 Personal Income Tax return, but does not require the identification of the taxpayer, does not validate the taxpayer's NIF, nor does it require tax details.

    Renta WEB Open does not allow the tax return to be filed, as it is a simulation without validation of identification data.Nor is it possible to transfer Renta WEB Open data to the tax return.

    In the first window, you can start a "New tax return", or "Load" the details from a saved tax return.To recover a previous tax return, you must open the .ses file created upon saving the tax return.

    home window rent WEB open

    The first step is to enter your ID details, including your NIF, although no validation will be made with the Tax Agency census.

    Once you accept the screen with the ID information, you will go directly to a results summary.You can use the hyperlinks on the summary page to go to the different pages of the tax return, allowing you to enter all the additional information so that you can get the calculations.You can also click “Continue with the tax return” to access the different pages that comprise the return.

    Summary of results Renta WEB open

    Use the arrow commands to browse through the pages of the tax return or click on "Sections" to access the different sections.There is also a search option for boxes or concepts, which you can find with the magnifying glass button.

    menu renta WEB open

    Renta WEB Open Sections

    data entry boxes Renta WEB open

    If you have started a new tax return, you must include all personal and economic data to simulate the result.

    Una vez cumplimentada la declaración conviene validar los datos consignados.Go to the last page, to “Payment or refund document” to check the result.

    renta open tax return results

    If you want to retrieve the completed tax return at a later date, click "Save" to download a file in .ses format, which you can import from the initial window by clicking on "Load".You can choose where you want to save the file. By default, this will be your browser's predetermined download folder.The file will be called dat-100-NIF of the

    renta open save button

    save ses window

    Renta WEB Open allows you to generate a PDF with a preview of the return, which is not valid for filing.Click “Summary of tax returns” to access the results again for each category, and generate the PDF with the preview.

    renta WEB open preview option

    PDF renta WEB open

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