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Consulta del estado de tramitación de una devolución de Renta 2019

  • Para obtener información sobre el estado de tramitación de su devolución de Renta 2019, acceda al banner de la campaña "Renta 2019.Advancing with you" and enter into your file through the option "Draft / Tax return processing services (WEB income campaign)".

    2019 Income Tax Portal

    Currently, to check the status of the process, you can identify yourself in these 3 ways:

    • With an electronic certificate or DNI;
    • With Cl@ve PIN (if you are registered in the Cl@ve PIN system);
    • Con la referencia del borrador/declaración de Renta 2019 y que consta de 6 caracteres.

    Based on the status of the file, the section "Processing Status" of the file will show one of the following messages:"Your return is being processed," "Your return is being checked," "Your return has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, approving the refund you have requested," etc.

    Status of the tax return

    When the appropriate checks have been carried out and the tax return is deemed correct, a message will appear stating when the refund will be issued.

    If the Income tax return result is a refund and it is still pending, we recommend you log on to your file to check if it is in the "VERIFICA" system (Self-correction of returns)”, which will help expedite the refund.

    Taxpayers with pending refunds that comply with the requirements of the system will be shown a message informing them about the possibility of speeding up the verification and subsequent refund.

    In order to access the "VERIFICA” you will need your digital certificate, electronic DNIe or Cl@ve PIN.If the correction is carried out by a third party, representative or corporate partner, they must hold two powers of attorney granted by the taxpayer:a power of attorney to receive notifications, and a general power of attorney to carry out tax procedures or a specific power of attorney for managing the Personal Income Tax return. In the section "Links of interest" we provide you with information about the registration of powers of attorney.

    Once inside "VERIFICA”, a screen will appear in which the Tax Agency informs the taxpayer of the existence of incidents in their tax return and a possible reduction of their refund.If the taxpayer goes ahead with the procedure, which they can discontinue if they prefer to opt for the traditional verification system, the process will conclude with the notification of a settlement proposal with the reduced refund.

    Para más información acerca de los plazos para una devolución de Renta, le recomendamos que consulte el Manual Práctico de Renta y Patrimonio 2019, concretamente el apartado "Devoluciones derivadas de la normativa del IRPF".

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