Batch filing

  • The Tax Agency offers a batch filing service that allows the user to send multiple tax returns corresponding to the same form, fiscal year and period automatically.

    In this case, you need to access the E-Office and go to the webpage for the procedure in question.In the 'Submission' section, there is a link to 'Batch filing'.

    This type of filing only accepts electronic identification with certificate or e-DNI.

    The new batch filing application is compatible with any properly updated browser.It allows you to select several files from the filer's harddrive and optionally a file with the NRCs, to proceed with the filing.

    Click on "Select tax returns" to add the files to file and, if necessary, click on "Select file with NRCs".

    Once the files have been selected, they will be displayed at the bottom, click "OK" and press "Sign and Send" to complete the fling process.

    The filing allows for collating the details of successfully and unsuccessfully filed tax returns (file in JSON format).The JSON files are text files that can be opened with specific programs or generic applications, such as Windows Notepad.

    The access to the supporting documents of the tax returns filed is done by downloading a ZIP file that contains all the supporting documents correctly filed in that session, as well as a file with the possible errors found.

    It is currently available for some forms, but during the 2021 financial year, it will be implemented in the other forms that allow batch filing.

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