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Funcionamiento y manejo de Patrimonio WEB 2019 (Modelo 714)

  • After identifying yourself, select the language of the tax return and accept the ID details.

    A continuación, accederá al formulario del modelo 714 de Patrimonio 2019 con los datos fiscales incorporados a la declaración.Nevertheless, you may be asked to provide additional information to incorporate into the tax return.On these occasions, you will see the following window.Click 'Yes' or 'No' and click 'Accept'.

    Incorporation of additional details

    You can verify the details that have been transferred to the tax return, those that have not been incorporated, and any incorporation notes, by clicking 'See transferred details'.


    Notes of transferred details

    See details NOT incorporated

    To continue filling in the tax return, use the date buttons to move around the different pages or the "Sections" button, where you can view a menu with a breakdown of the tax return in different sections.

    Sections of the tax return

    Check that the tax return has been completed correctly by clicking 'Validate'.Notifications do not prevent you from filing your tax return, but are only to verify completion.However, if there is an error message, you must correct it to ensure the tax return is valid for filing.To review the notifications or errors, click on the button "Go to Notification" or "Go to Error".

    Validate tax return

    If you have any questions about filling it in, click the 'Help' button. Al pulsar se abrirá, en una nueva pestaña, el manual de ayuda sobre Patrimonio 2019 con información detallada de la cumplimentación de cada apartado.

    Help button

    There is a waiting period with this form;before you finish the session, we recommend you click 'Save' to save all the details entered.When you click 'Save', if you have already started working on the file, a notification will appear informing you that the previous tax return will be overwritten, the details of which will be saved on the server.

    Save tax return

    Details saved in the server

    Furthermore, if before you file the tax return you want a draft so that you can look over the details, there is a "Preview" tool, which generates a PDF with your tax return, including the watermark "Draft not valid for filing" on each page, that you can use for consultation.


    El PDF se visualiza en pantalla pudiendo imprimirlo, no obstante, desde "clic aquí para descargar el pdf" es posible guardarlo en su equipo, tenga en cuenta que para la correcta visualización del PDF necesita un visor de PDF como Adobe Reader, le recomendamos la última versión compatible con su sistema operativo.To return to the tax return, click 'Return to tax return', located at the top of the draft window, or register a new tax return by going to 'New tax return'.

    Draft not suitable for filing

    By clicking 'Export', if the tax return does not contain any errors, you can generate a file with the format of the published logical design.The name of this file is the taxpayer's NIF with the extension .714.When you click 'Save', if you do not select a specific directory, it will save to 'Downloads', or whichever folder you have set up for downloaded files in your browser.


    Save file .714

    Once you have checked for errors and saved or exported the tax return, click 'Sign and Send' to file the tax return.In the next window, click 'Accept' and then 'Sign and Send' again.

    Sign and send

    OK, sign and send

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