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Cómo presentar la declaración del Impuesto sobre Patrimonio 2019 mediante apoderamiento

  • Para presentar el modelo 714 acceda a la Sede electrónica desde "Trámites destacados", "Presentar y consultar declaraciones", "Modelo 714.Wealth Tax.Tax return and payment document'.

    Select the option “Wealth Tax return processing service with power of attorney”.To access the form, you must have registered the specific power of attorney for form 714, the 714P, or the corresponding general powers of attorney.You can view the list of powers of attorney from the option "List of procedures established for power of attorney" available in the section "Registration of powers of attorney" in "Partners".There is a link at the bottom of this page under "Links of interest".

    Procedure with power of attorney service

    You can log in with an electronic certificate, DNIe or CL@ve PIN authorised by the holder of the tax return.

    You will need to enter the taxpayer’s DNI or NIE in the first window.Then, click 'Accept'

    Holder identification

    If this is the first time you are accessing, the first page will be the identification details and the language of the tax return.Modify them if necessary and click 'Accept'.

    Language and identification details

    If you have already started working on the form, the system will detect this and allow you to continue with this tax return or start a new one.

    Tax return detected or new tax return

    Once you enter the web form, you can fill in the tax return by browsing the various pages, or by clicking 'Sections' to go to the different sections.You can "Save" the tax return to recover it later in a new session by going to "Continue" in the start screen. También es posible exportar la declaración en un fichero con formato BOE con el nombre NIF y la extensión 714 que podrá importar nuevamente en el formulario desde el botón "Importar".

    Top button bar

    Once complete, check the result on the last page, the Payment document.If the result is a payment due, you can select the payment method in the 'Declaration type' section.

    La domiciliación bancaria estará disponible si la declaración se presenta entre el día 1 de abril y el 25 de junio de 2020 y si accede Cl@ve PIN, certificado electrónico o DNIe.

    Direct payment

    If you choose to pay by NRC or other forms of payment like debt recognition, you have to keep in mind that in order to obtain the NRC from the "Make Payment (Get NRC )” button, using the taxpayer's account, you must have received a power of attorney to process the payment of your proxies in the PAGOAPODECCC process.

    Filing with NRC

    If the tax return has been filed correctly, a page will appear with the message 'Your tax return has been filed successfully', along with a secure verification code.A PDF will also appear, containing the first page with the information of the tax return (record entry number, Secure Verification Code, receipt number, date and time of filing and the details of the person filing the return), and, on the following pages, the full tax return.

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