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Electronically filing Form 583

  • Form 583 must be submitted via the Internet.The presenter of the declaration must have a valid electronic certificate (from the taxpayer or an entity authorised to submit declarations on behalf of third parties).

    First, select the type of self-assessment and breakdown from the options available.Then click on "Continue".If you have any doubts about filling in the tax return, you can use the help link "BOE of 30 April 2013" which appears in the "Notices" box at the top.If you select a breakdown with file import in the "Notices" section, you will find a link to the file registry design.

    Official State Gazette

    Then fill in the data requested in the tax return.Remember that the amounts are to be filled in euros and to two decimal places separated by a comma.

    Once you have entered all the data, click the "Send presentation" button and then "Sign and Send".A new window will display the filer's data and a box the coded information that is sent.Tick the "OK" box and click "Sign and Submit" to complete the tax return.

    accept form 583

    If the tax return is accepted, the AEAT will return to you on screen a validated summary of the application with a 16-character secure verification code whose numbering begins with the year number plus the form number, 583 (e.g. 2019583XXXXXXX).This number appears on the response sheet provided when the tax return was correctly filed online, together with the filing date and the Secure Verification Code.If you have marked in "Self-Settlement Type" the direct debit of the payment in the answer sheet, an NRC will appear that, does not act as such (i.e. there is no automatic debit) but simulates a receipt number.

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