Filing of supplementary self-assessment form 583

  • If you wish to submit a supplementary self-assessment for form 583, you can use the specific link on the form 583 page on the E-Office.Access "Taxes and Fees" in the "All procedures" central section, locate "Environmental Taxes" and click "Form 583/588.Tax on the value of electricity generation.Self-assessment"

    link to the supplementary filing procedure

    In order to present a supplementary tax return, it is first necessary to locate the original return which it will supplement.It is mandatory to enter the NIF of the taxpayer to perform the search.However, in order to narrow the results, you may indicate the financial year, period and type of tax return (ordinary, supplementary or supplemented).

    search for tax return

    The localised tax returns will be displayed in the table;To access the supplementary tax return filing, you have to click on the link in the "Filing Date” column.

    access the filing

    We recommend that you refer to the notice informing you of the cases in which the submission of a supplementary tax return is appropriate.Then select the type of supplementary self-assessment, based on your result and the form of payment, and click "Continue".

    type of supplementary tax return

    The form will be displayed with the original tax return data already loaded and you will only need to enter the payment details, if applicable and the supplementary tax return data.Remember that the amounts are to be filled in euros and to two decimal places separated by a comma.Click "Submit Filing" to complete the filing.

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  • Form 583.Tax on the value of electricity generation.Self-assessed tax return and payment by instalments.Information you can find at the Tax Agency E-Office
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