Consultation of tax returns on Form 583

  • If you wish to consult a self-assessment for form 583, use the link "Consult self-assessment.Form 583" available on the page of procedures of the form at the E-Office, in "Taxes and Fees" in the "All procedures" section, locate "Environmental taxes" and click on "Form 583/588.Tax on the value of electricity generation.Self-assessment

    link to the procedure for consulting form 583

    This query allows you to identify yourself with both an electronic certificate and an electronic DNI, as well as with the Cl@ve PIN system.

    In order to locate the self-assessment, you must indicate the taxpayer's NIF , although you can also filter the results by year, type of self-assessment and type of return.

    search by tax return criteria

    A list of all the self-assessments will be displayed and you will be able to access the tax return in question from the corresponding link in the "Date Submitted" column.

    access to tax return consultation

    detail of the consultation of the form 583

    In the detail of the consultation you can check the tax return submitted, if there are errors and their status.Depending on the type and status of the tax return, you will have a link to submit a supplementary tax return, as well as an option to go back to the list of tax returns.

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