Electronic submission of form 213

  • Form 213 can be electronically submitted from the e-Office, by going to the link 'Filing of tax returns', available on the procedures page for “Form 213.Non-resident Income Tax Special Tax on Property held by non-resident entities"

    Submission of form 213

    To correctly view all parts of the form, before accessing, check the zoom and font size set in the browser (once the tax return has been submitted you can go back to the previous zoom and font size).

    • On Internet Explorer, go to "View" on the menu bar (if not activated, click the F10 key), "Text Size" and select "Medium", in "Zoom" select 100%.You can also select the zoom from the nut icon.

    • In Google Chrome, go to "Settings" (by clicking the three vertical dots), "Appearance", "Font Size" and select "Medium (recommended)" under "Page Zoom" select 100%.You can also select 100% zoom from "Zoom in/out".

    • On Mozilla Firefox, access the three line icon, in "Size" select 100% with the "+" and "-” signs, click "Options", "General", "Language and appearance" and in "Fonts and colours" select a size lower than the current one, if you do not see the form correctly.

    • On Safari, go to "View", "Zoom" or "Zoom Out".

    Access to the form requires identification by electronic certificate, if the taxpayer does not have one, it can be filed by a third party acting on their behalf, whether a corporate partner or proxy.Select your certificate and click "Accept".

    Identification with certificate

    Once you have opened the form, fill in the tax return being sure to include details in all fields marked with an asterisk (compulsory).

    Self-assessment data

    At the start of the form you will see tabs that need to be filled in: 'Self-assessment/Payment/Send', which the form opens by default, and 'Overview of properties', where you can provide information for these purposes.

    In the “List of properties” tax you will find a series of buttons where you can register, cancel and browse records.To register a record, click the "New record" icon identified by a white sheet with a green "+" sign.

    Register, cancel and browse between records

    If any error appears relating to filling in the tax return, we recommend that you consult the form instructions in “Useful links”.

    At the bottom of the screen you can find the options available in the form.

    To check if there are errors in the tax return, click on the button "Validate tax return".If it contains errors or warnings, the "Errors" tab will be enabled with the description of the error or warning and the "Go to Error" or "Go to Warning" button, as appropriate, that will directly bring you to the box to be modified or filled in.

    Tax return with errors

    If the tax return does not contain errors, you will receive the message "There are no errors".

    Validated without errors

    Using the "Export" button you can generate a file with the required design format, provided that the tax return does not contain any errors, save it in the “Downloads” folder on your computer, or to the folder established by your browser for saving downloaded files.The name of this file is the taxpayer’s Tax ID and the period, and as an extension, the form number (Tax ID_year_period.213).

    Export return

    At the end of the form you will find the section asking you to select the type of tax return and the payment method.

    If the tax return results in a payment due, and if you do not choose direct debit as a payment method, you must obtain a full reference number (NRC) for proof of payment.The Full Reference Number (NRC for its initials in Spanish) is a 22-character code provided by banking institutions, and is used as proof of payment. It incorporates an encryption of the declarant's NIF, the amount, the form, the fiscal year and the period.

    There are multiple ways to make the payment and obtain the NRC:

    • Contact your bank directly, or go to its website if it offers this service.
    • Via the Tax Agency payment gateway, by going to "Tax Payments" in the e-Office, or from the button "Make payment (Obtain CRN)".

    Result of the tax return

    Once you have entered all the details, click on 'Sign and Send'.

    Sign and send

    In the new window, check the "OK" box to confirm the filing of the tax return.The text box will show the content of the tax return in code.Finally, click on "Sign and Send" to continue the tax return filing process.

    Check OK and click Sign & Send

    Remember, if form 213 is submitted correctly, a response page in HTML will appear with a PDF embedded, corresponding to the digital copy of the tax return, containing the first page with all of the information regarding the submission (registry entry number, Secure Verification Code, receipt number, date and time of submission and the details of the submitter), and, on the following pages, a complete copy of the tax return.

    Useful links:

  • 213 instructions
  • Form 213.Excises on real estate assets of non-resident organisations.
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