How to report additional data to the return for the financial years 2012 and 2013

  • To report additional data to the submission of form 202 for the financial years 2012 (2P and 3P) and 2013 (1P and 2P), you can use the online form available in the AEAT E-Office, which can be accessed from the “File and view tax returns” option within “Featured procedures”.

    Click on the following link to access the full overview of procedures for form 202:

    Click on "Filing for previous years" in the section "Annex 202.Report additional data to tax return” and then on "Report additional data to the return for the financial years 2012 (only 2P and 3P) and 2013 (only 1P and 2P)".

    Filing for previous financial years 2012 2013

    Reporting additional data previous years 2012 2013

    To access this procedure, you need to log in with the electronic certificate.

    electronic certificate selection

    Enter the identification details and complete the form with the additional information you want to report.To indicate the period and the "C.N.A.E. main activity", click on the button with three dots and select the start date of the tax period using the calendar icon.

    Identification details

    To finish, click "Sign and Send".

    Sign and Send

    Useful links:

    additional data 202
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