How to communicate additional data to the return

  • To communicate additional data to the return on form 202 you can use the online form available at the E-Office of the AEAT , which you can access from the option "File and view tax returns", under "Featured procedures", "Form 202".

    To correctly view all parts of the form, before accessing, check the zoom and font size set in the browser (once the tax return has been submitted you can go back to the previous zoom and font size).

    • On Internet Explorer, go to "View" on the menu bar (if not activated, click the F10 key), "Text Size" and select "Medium", in "Zoom" select 100%.You can also select the zoom from the nut icon.

    • In Google Chrome, go to "Settings" (by clicking the three vertical dots), "Appearance", "Font Size" and select "Medium (recommended)" under "Page Zoom" select 100%.You can also select 100% zoom from "Zoom in/out".

    • On Mozilla Firefox, access the three line icon, in "Size" select 100% with the "+" and "-” signs, click "Options", "General", "Language and appearance" and in "Fonts and colours" select a size lower than the current one, if you do not see the form correctly.

    • On Safari, go to "View", "Zoom" or "Zoom Out".

    Click on "Submission of additional data to the return for 2017 and subsequent years" in the "Annex 202.Communication of additional information with the tax return.

    Portal Form 202

    To access this procedure, you need to log in with the electronic certificate.


    Enter the identification details and complete the form with the additional information you should report.To indicate the "CNAE main activity", click on the button with three dots and select the start date of the tax period using the calendar icon.

    Identification details

    Once the return has been completed, validate it by clicking on the "Validate return" button.The notices provide relevant information that should be reviewed but do not prevent the filing of the return.If the tax return contains errors, these must be corrected.Click on "Go to Error" or "Go to Warning" and the cursor will be activated in the corresponding box.

    Validate the tax return

    The form allows you to generate a file in BOE</g> format from the "Export" option, provided that the return has been validated correctly and there are no errors.You can choose the path where you want to save the file, by default in the "Downloads" folder and it will have the name of the taxpayer's NIF and the extension .202.You can retrieve the tax return using the "Import" option at any time.

    Export the declaration in BOE format

    Import the return

    To file the tax return, click on “Sign and Send".

    Sign and Send Button

    Then check the "OK" box and press "Sign and Send" to end the presentation.

    Select ‘Accept’ and click Sign and Send

    Communicate additional data return 202 payment by instalments
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