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WEB Companies Open version

  • La versión Sociedades WEB Open funciona como un simulador que permite confeccionar la declaración del modelo 200 correspondiente al ejercicio 2019 sin necesidad de identificarse con certificado electrónico por lo que puede utilizarse para realizar las pruebas y comprobaciones necesarias, previas a la presentación.

    Access to WEB Companies Open is available on the form 200 procedures page at the e-Office, in the “Help services” section.

    Link to WEB Companies Open

    From the first window in the Open version you can:

    • Register a new tax return, indicating the NIF and full name or company name of the taxpayer and clicking “Accept”.

      Alta de nueva declaración

    • Import a file in BOE format to form 200 by simply clicking “Import”. Seleccione el fichero que se ajuste al diseño de registro actualizado para el modelo 200 del ejercicio 2019. Si el fichero se importa correctamente aparecerá un aviso indicándolo.Importar fichero 200

    Elegir fichero 200 

    el fichero se ha importado con éxito

    • Load a .ses file that you previously saved locally from the Open version.Note that the version for filing also saves the tax return but on the Tax Agency servers so you won't be able to recover in the Open version.Click "Upload" and select the SES file you saved earlier.

    Cargar fichero

    elegir fichero

    If a new tax return is generated, first you must fill in the "Tax return characters” page which determines how to fill in the rest of form 200 and which, once accepted, cannot be modified.Check the appropriate boxes and indicate the start and end dates of the tax period of the reporting Entity.Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click “Apply”.

    Characters of the Open version tax return

    fechas período impositivo

    Then, the boxes for the account status will be checked in a new window.

    Check statement of accounts boxes

    Before going to the tax return, a new window allows you to import an XML file to incorporate financial data.Click on the "Choose (XML) file" button to select your file or "Continue without importing accounting data" to continue filling in the tax return.

    Import XML financial data Open version

    Once all the pages of the tax return are opened, the Open version of WEB Companies has a toolbar at the top with the following features:

    Web Companies Open tools menu

    • El botón "Apartados" despliega los distintos apartados de la declaración para acceder rápidamente a cada uno de ellos.200 tax return sections

    • "Preliminary tax return” generates a draft in PDF not valid for filing.


    • "Validate tax return” checks that the tax return has been filled in, showing any notices, warnings and errors detected to correct them if necessary.A button is enabled to go to the error, warning or notice to correct it.Remember, only errors would prevent you filing the tax return.

      Errors and warnings 

    Avisos y validación para continuar

    • "Delete tax return", using the button with the trash can icon.

    • "Save” generates a .ses file that is saved locally with the tax return filled in so far.This .ses file can only be retrieved in the WEB Companies Open version by using the "Load" button in the first identification window. Por defecto, el nombre del fichero sera NIF-200-2019 y la extensión .ses.

    Guardar fichero ses

    • "Export” generates a .200 file adapted to the form’s registry design.The tax return must contain no errors as, otherwise, it cannot be exported (nothing will happen when you click the export button). The .200 file can be imported into WEB Companies with electronic certificate identification to complete filing from here. Por defecto, el nombre del fichero sera NIF-200-2019-0A y la extensión .200.

      export tax return file 200 Open version

      Exportar fichero 200

    200 open simulator 2018
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