WEB companies by proxy (filing of form 200 for 2018)

  • The WEB Companies service has been developed to process form 200 for 2018, with different versions depending on type of access.

    The "Return processing service” (WEB Companies) for 2018 with power of attorney" link, available on the form 200 procedures page of the e-Office, under “Filing”, “Filing of returns for previous years”, will be used by the principal with a registered general or specific power of attorney enabling them to file the taxpayer’s form 200.The filer must access with an electronic certificate or DNIe.

    Link WEB Companies for previous years e-Office

    Link 2018 WEB Companies with power of attorney

    Select the electronic certificate to log in and click 'Accept'.

    Identification with electronic certificate

    Once you have selected the electronic certificate, the first WEB Companies window allows you to register a new tax return or import a file from form 200 that complies with the registry design for 2018.Indicate the tax code and the first and surname(s) or company name of the taxpayer to confirm whether you are authorised to manage the return.

    Nueva declaración Sociedades WEB e importar

    Además de estas dos opciones, en la ventana de inicio también pueden aparecer:

    • If a previous WEB Companies session is detected for that taxpayer, you will be given the option to "Continue” with this return. No es necesario seleccionar ningún fichero ya que la última declaración queda guardada en la nube.Detecta declaración en curso

    • Si se detecta que ya hay una declaración presentada para ese NIF, aparece el botón "Modificar declaración", que dirige a la página de caracteres de la declaración y recupera la declaración presentada con la finalidad de presentar una declaración complementaria.Detecta declaración presentada

    If you generate a new tax return, the first page displayed is the "Tax return characters” which determines how to fill in the rest of form 200 and which, once accepted, cannot be modified.Note that, depending on the type of tax code indicated, different boxes may appear checked or blocked in this window.

    Check the boxes for the applicable entity type and systems.Then, move down to the bottom of the page and enter the tax period start and end dates for the filing Entity.Finally, click "Apply".

    Tax return characters page

    Then, the boxes for the account status will be checked in a new window.

    account status

    Before going to the tax return, a new window allows you to import and XML file to incorporate accounting data.Click on the "Choose (XML) file" button to select your file or "Continue without importing accounting data" to continue filling in the tax return.

    Choose XML to import accounting data

    If the XML file contains no errors and the data it contains is compatible with the data those set in the character record and account status when registering the tax return, you will see the “Continue importing accounting data” button.Remember, importing data is optional and automatic for information on the balance sheet, profit and loss account and statement of changes in equity.This is possible for entities subject to the accounting standards of Banco de España, insurance companies, unit trust institutions, mutual guarantee companies, and those not subject to specific regulations.

    Import valid accounting data

    Next, you will fill in form 200 from the “Tax return characters” page, although you may not make any changes unless you generate a new tax return.

    To locate the different pages of the return, you can use the "Sections" button on the top bar or the arrows to browse the pages.

    Sections of the tax return

    When filling in the tax return, you can check if it passes the validations by clicking “Validate tax return”.A yellow box with notices, warnings and errors detected will be displayed just below the bar.Errors must be corrected in order to file the tax return, while you can send it with warnings and notices although it is always advisable to review them.If a warning is shown, it informs of a possible error or omission, warning that it may be necessary to correct it by means of a request from the Tax Administration.To make it easier to correct, next to the description you will see a link directly to the related box or section.

    validate statement and go to error

    The "No errors" message with a green check indicates that the return can be filed.

    Validation without errors

    To continue with the tax return later, we recommend saving the data completed with the “Save” button.This option does not validate the data so it can be used at any time.The tax return is saved on the Tax Agency services and the saved session can be recovered when you return to the WEB Companies page.

    Save button form 200

    Save tax return

    Guardar datos en la nube

    Another alternative to save tax return data is to save the file with the return adapted to the register design using the “Export” option.In this case, the validation must be correct and you must choose a location on your hard drive to save the .200 file generated.

    export button to generate 200 file

    Exportar fichero

    In addition, WEB Companies allows you to obtain a draft tax return in PDF so you can review details on paper; this cannot be used for filing, as indicated in the watermark.

    Draft form 200 button


    Prior to the sending the tax return, check the type of return selected on the last refund or payment page.

    Finally, click 'Sign and send' to complete submission.The "Signature Dialogue" window will be displayed, check "Approve" and then “Sign and Send” again.The tax return is filed and a PDF document is generated on the screen with a copy of the return.

    sign and send tax return

    OK, sign and send

    Declaration report

    2018 WEB Companies power of attorney
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