Electronic filing of form 576

  • The electronic filing of form 576 is obligatory, and you can access the form if you identify yourself with an electronic certificate issued in the taxpayer's name, a DNIe or Cl@ve PIN. If you do not have one of the identification systems required, the person filing the tax return must be authorised to file tax returns on behalf of third parties, either by being registered as a social partner, or by having power of attorney to perform this procedure.

    Furthermore, to perform any online procedure, the NIF (Tax ID No.) must be identified by the Tax Agency. In other words, the person must be registered as a taxpayer. You can check whether you are registered by going to the E-Office. Under the section 'All procedures', click on 'Censuses, NIF and tax address'. Under 'Censuses', 'Form 030' with an electronic certificate, click 'Verification of a third-party NIF for registration purposes'. If the taxpayer does not appear to be registered with the Tax Agency, you will not be able to perform any procedure online until form 030 is filed with the corresponding Administration or Delegation.

    To file form 576, access the page of procedures related to form 576. If the result of the tax return is a positive amount, i.e. a payment due, first of all, you need to make the payment of this amount. The CRN (Complete Reference Number) is the receipt of payment code. If you have an electronic certificate, you can make the payment by going to 'Registration tax payment'. Enter the details required and your bank will provide you with a CRN (payment receipt). You can also get a CRN by going to your bank's website, if this service is available, or by going in person to one of its branches. Make a note of this CRN so that you can include it in the form being filed.

    Access the payment of registration tax

    Then, to continue with the filing process, go to the links 'File tax returns' or 'Batch filing'.

    Access the procedure for filing form 576

    Select the electronic certificate

    If it is an individual tax return, select the type of return, along with the features and the type of transport. Click 'Send'.

    Enter the relevant details and click send

    Fill in the form, including the CRN (payment receipt) received from your bank. Sign and send. You will receive a response sheet confirming the filing of the tax return with a digital validation code. Print this sheet as a proof of receipt of your tax return.

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