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Consult the filed declaration (Form 576)

  • To obtain the filing receipt or a digital copy of the Registration Fee paid through the Tax Agency website, you need to log in with the electronic certificate used to file the return or that of the filing taxpayer.

    You can recover the response sheet as proof of filing and the full copy of form 576 if you access the Tax Agency E-Office option "Registration Fee" on the "All procedures" area "Taxes and Levies". You can get a proof of the return filed from the option "Consult via tax code".

    Access the consultation with a NIF

    Enter the tax code and fiscal year. Click 'Send'.

    Introduzca los datos

    You can also make a consultation via the tax code of the represented taxpayer within the customised My Procedures website, located in the top right-hand side of the E-Office. Please remember that to access "My Files" you are required to identify yourself with the electronic certificate of the taxpayer concerned or to be authorised to carry out that specific operation.

    My procedures Consult the tax returns filed

    A consultation will be done via tax code of the filing taxpayer. Fill in the mandatory fields and click "Send".

    complete and click send

    This option will generate a PDF that can be saved on the hard disc for subsequent consultations or to print out at any time. To ensure it works properly, you must have a PDF viewer installed, such as Adobe Reader (we recommend version 7.0 at least) and for 2007 filings and subsequent years, you will also require the Java Virtual Machine.