The button 'Sign and send' does not appear

  • If the "Send and sign" button on the web form is not appearing, we generally recommend that you zoom out.

    • Internet Explorer: In the menu bar, go to 'See', 'Zoom'.

      zoom in explorer

      If you cannot see the zoom button in Internet Explorer, try changing the text size.If possible, reduce the font size in "View", "Font size".

      text size in explorer

    • Mozilla Firefox: From the "Open menu" button, click the "+" and "-" buttons to enlarge or reduce the size

      zoom in firefox

      If you cannot use the zoom in Mozilla Firefox, go to the menu bar (if you cannot see the menu bar click F10), click 'See' and 'Size'.If the option 'Only increase text size' is marked, unmark it.

      Modify text size

    • Google Chrome: From the menu button, 'Customise and control Google Chrome', with the buttons '+' and '-'.

      zoom in google

    If importing a file generated by a program other than the Tax Agency form software

    1. Import the file from your program and click on "Optional:save file" to generate the form file.Import this new file again, generating it from the form.Now the "Sign and Send" button should appear.

    2. Fill in the return by hand, without importing the file.

    3. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, add the address "" to "Compatibility View".To access the "Tools" menu, "Compatibility view setting" and "Add this website", include the address "".Click the "Add" button and close this window.Once the procedure has been carried out, we recommend you deactivate compatibility view to avoid problems with other procedures in the E-Office.

      Compatibility view

    Sign and send zoom button text size
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