Electronic filing of form 140 for 2020

  • The application for the advance payment of deductions for maternity can be submitted electronically by filing form 140.Access to the procedure is available with an electronic certificate, DNIe and Cl@ve PIN.

    In this case, in the procedures of form 140 in the e-Office, use the link "Filing form 140".

    Office link for filing form 140

    Please note that this option is only enabled for submitting new applications and that for applications initiated as of 1 March 2020, changes will be made from the specific procedure, "Consultation and management of filed tax returns".

    Any change or consultation of filings prior to 1 March 2020 will be made from the links enabled in the section of previous years.

    Select the type of access to identify yourself with an electronic certificate or electronic DNI, click on "Access with electronic certificate or electronic DNI" and to identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN enter your DNI or NIE in the box.

    Identification with Cl@ve and electronic certificate

    Review the information in the blue 'Notices' box and fill in the form, making sure that you enter the details correctly, including the full IBAN of the bank account to which you want the credit to be made.In this step, you must also indicate whether there is more than one beneficiary of the deduction by checking the box 'SEVERAL TAXPAYERS ENTITLED TO APPLICATION OF THE DEDUCTION'.In this case a new field is enabled to identify this taxpayer.In addition to checking this box, remember that the application for this beneficiary must then be submitted.

    To move to the next screen, click 'Approve'.

    form 140 validate

    box several taxpayers entitled to the deduction

    In the next step, if the details are correct, click "Sign and Send".

    Confirm data and sign and send

    In the data confirmation window, check the "Accept" box and click the "Sign and Submit" button.

    Accept and sign and send form 140

    If the submission was successful, a registration confirmation page is provided, including the Secure Verification Code (CSV).If you want to obtain the PDF receipt, click on the link "View in PDF format".

    filing receipt of form 140

    PDF receipt of submitting the form

    If you need to submit another application, click on the "New Application" link to return to the form.

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