Paper filing of Form 303

  • For filing on paper "Form 303.VAT Self-Settlement" has a form to fill in online and obtain the PDF with the tax return, previously validated by the AEAT server

    Access from the E-Office, "All procedures", "Taxes and Fees", "VAT", "Form 303", "Form 303 for filing (tax return draft) financial year 2020".

    To correctly view all parts of the form, before accessing, check the zoom and font size set in the browser (once the tax return has been submitted you can go back to the previous zoom and font size).

    • On Internet Explorer, go to "View" on the menu bar (if not activated, click the F10 key), "Text Size" and select "Medium", in "Zoom" select 100%.You can also select the zoom from the nut icon.
    • In Google Chrome, go to "Settings" (by clicking the three vertical dots), "Appearance", "Font Size" and select "Medium (recommended)" under "Page Zoom" select 100%.You can also select 100% zoom from "Zoom in/out".
    • On Mozilla Firefox, access the three line icon, in "Size" select 100% with the "+" and "-” signs, click "Options", "General", "Language and appearance" and in "Fonts and colours" select a size lower than the current one, if you do not see the form correctly.
    • On Safari, go to "View", "Zoom" or "Zoom Out".

    Procedures form 303 in paper

    Complete the identification data and check the boxes that apply in your case.Please note that some data entered in this window (including the financial year and the taxpayer’s NIF) cannot be changed after clicking "Accept".If you have a file previously generated from the form (SES extension), use the "Load" button to retrieve the data.Then click "Accept".

    Identification details

    After clicking "Upload" or "Accept", you will access the tax return draft form.In the upper button panel you will find all the features of the form.

    The "Identification data" button brings you to the previous window, where you can consult the data entered, modify some of them or load the data file (SES).

    Identification data button

    Complete the financial data of the tax returnYou can view the index of sections by clicking on the "Paragraphs" button or access the different pages with the navigation arrows.


    Click "Draft" to obtain a PDF with the data entered so far.The document is not valid for presentation, but can serve as a reference.


    The "Save" button allows you to obtain a SES file with the tax return data, which you can later retrieve via the "Upload" option of the identification data window.File generation does not require the tax returns to be validated (they may contain errors or be incomplete).If you do not select a directory, this file will automatically be saved in the file "Downloads" of the system or in the directory established by the browser for saving downloaded files.


    Before submitting the tax return, use the "Validate tax return" button to check for notices or errors.A list will appear with the "Errors and notices" detected.The "Go to notice" or "Go to error" buttons will directly display the box or section to be corrected.

    Remember that the warnings are informative and do not prevent the filing.However, errors do need to be corrected.

    Validate tax return

    If the type of tax return is "Owed", the section will be enabled to include the bank account.It is not necessary to fill it in if you are going to make the payment in cash or if you are going to ask for a postponement.

    Result Owed

    If the result is negative, select "To be paid" or "Return request" (only for the last period), you must include the IBAN number of the account of the holder, into which the refund will be paid.It may be an account open in Spain or abroad (UE/SEPA).

    Application for refund

    After selecting the type of tax return, and once the tax return has been validated without errors, click "Generate tax return draft".

    Generate preliminary tax return

    Filing notices

    A PDF will be generated with the contents of the return in two copies, one for the taxpayer and one for the Collaborating Organisation.which must be signed and delivered to the bank (if it is to be paid or returned) or to the offices of the AEAT (to be returned and other cases).Remember that you must write the NIF on the Payment or Return Document and sign it before submission.

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