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  • The "Simulator form 390 (OPEN)" does not require identification by the taxpayer, it does not validate the taxpayer's NIF , but it does allow the taxpayer to simulate form 390 of the annual VAT summary.

    In the first window, fill in the </g>identification data, such as:NIF, name and surname or company name, although no validation will be made against the Tax Agency census.You can start with a zero tax return by clicking "OK" or "Load" the data of a saved tax return.To recover a previous tax return, you must open the .ses file created upon saving the tax return.

    Identification data, start tax return or upload data

    When you press "OK", a window with a warning will be displayed, see the information and press "OK" .


    Once the identification data screen has been accepted, you can go directly to page 1 "Liable and accrued" to continue completing the return.From the button "Sections", you can go to the different pages of the tax return to enter the rest of the data.You can also use the </g>arrow command at the top of the form.

    sections menu Simulator form 390 Open

    On some pages, you will need to click on the pencil icon to enter more information.

    add information using the pencil icon

    Once the tax return has been completed, it is advisable to validate what has been completed by clicking on the "Validate tax return" button, although warnings and errors may appear that do not affect you or are exclusive to allow a correct validation.Clicking on the "Go to Error" or "Go to Warning" button will place you in the box you need to modify or fill in.However, it should be noted that from the version "Simulator form 390 (OPEN)" you will not be able to submit the tax return.

    Validate the tax return

    If you want to retrieve the completed tax return at a later time, click on the "Save" button to obtain the .ses file, which you can retrieve in the initial window or in the button panel at the top, by clicking on "Load".You can choose the location where the file will be downloaded, if you don't choose a directory it will be saved, by default, in the folder that the browser has as default.The file will have the name of the taxpayer' s VAT number-390-exercise of the tax return, with the extension .ses

    NOTE.Note that the file with extension .ses, obtained when saving the tax return simulation, can only be loaded in the "Simulator form 390 (OPEN)".

    save .ses file

    The "Simulator form 390 (OPEN)" allows the generation of a draft in PDF</g> format that is displayed on screen, however, by clicking "You can click here to download the pdf", it is possible to download it to your computer;please note that in order to correctly view the draft you need a PDF viewer; we recommend the latest version compatible with your operating system.We remind you that this document is not valid for formal filing.Click on "Draft".

    To go back to the tax return click on "Back to tax return" at the top of the draft window or you can register a new tax return from the "New tax return" button.

    Draft Button

    PDF document of the draft

    The "Help" button on the right hand side provides you with a PDF, which opens in a new tab, with instructions for filling in the form and other general questions.

    VAT simulator form 390 OPEN 2019
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