Electronically filing Form 165

  • To file tax returns online, you need to identify yourself with your electronic certificate.In addition to the holder of the tax return themselves, a third party acting on their behalf, either a corporate partner or a proxy, may also submit the tax return.

    We recommend that you clean up the register of the taxpayers by the Tax identification Service prior to filing the return to avoid identification errors.

    After logging in, in the pop-up window, choose one of the options to access the form:

    1. Continue.It allows you to register a new tax return by entering all the data.Enter the taxpayer’s NIF and click on "Continue".
    2. Import.You may import a file in BOE format that follows the registry design of Form 165 in force, obtained with the form itself by exporting the tax return or with a third-party program.The limit of records to be imported will be 40,000;
    3. Import previous year.The data from the previous year will be imported from the active registers of the previous year at the time of the consultation. To do this, you must access the form with an electronic certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve PIN of the taxpayer, corporate partner who filed the return the previous year or a proxy who filed the return the previous year or a proxy to consult the return.It is not possible to import data from the previous year if the tax return exceeds 40000 records.Please note that once the tax return has been registered, this option will not be available.

    Enter the taxpayer tax code

    The system allows you to reaccess a generated and/or submitted tax return to make the relevant changes.

    • In case there is a saved but not submitted working session and you wish to recover it, check the box "Load working session from dd/mm/yyyy";
    • If you have submitted a tax return and wish to make changes to it, such as:deletion, modification or addition of records, check the box "Load the tax return submitted on dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss";
    • To create a new tax return check the box “Create a new tax return

    Select an option and click "Continue".

    Notice for new or supplementary tax returns

    To modify a tax return already submitted, load the submitted tax return in the initial window by checking "Load tax return submitted on dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss" and, in the "Taxpayers" tab, make the changes you need:delete and modify existing records or register new records.

    Fields marked with an asterisk are required.The “Summary of details included in the tax return” section will be automatically filled in with the details included in the “Taxpayers” section.

    Complete the filing party’s details

    If there are incompatibilities with the Tax Agency databases when the filing party’s details are entered, the system detects it, informs you, and allows you check the NIF using the "Identification service".

    Tax Agency identification service

    After filling in the taxpayer's details, you can include “Taxpayers” from the “Sections” tab.

    Go to taxpayers

    In the 'Taxpayers' section you will see buttons at the top of the window where you can register the different records, as well as delete them or consult them.To register a taxpayer, click the "New record" icon.

    Register a new record

    Once you have filled in the details of the partners or participants, in this same window you can see the additions in "See list of taxpayers".

    See list of taxpayers

    The “Status” column has been enabled in the list of taxpayers, so you can check the correct and incorrect records by the icon.

    “Status” Column

    If you have also uploaded a previously submitted tax return, the “Submitted on" column will show the date and time that record was submitted, with the possibility of modifying or deleting it if necessary.

    Column "Presented on"

    The button featuring the options available on the form is located at the bottom of the screen.

    Validate on the lower button

    Press the "Validate" button to verify that the return is correct.If there are any errors, you will see the “Errors” tab with their descriptions, and a “Go to Error” button that takes you to the incorrect record.

    there are errors and see error list

    Downloading the error list shows you the text file with the incorrect block of records.

    Incorrect-records file

    If the tax return is correct you will see a message saying 'The tax return contains no errors'.

    There are no errors

    We recommend that you save the tax return to avoid any loss of details, as after a certain amount of time of inactivity the session will end itself automatically.To do this, click the "Save” button, which allows you to generate a file in the cloud with the data entered so far.The declaration does not need to be validated correctly before it can be generated.If a tax return has been saved previously, it will be overwritten.

    Save file

    Before submitting the tax return you can obtain a "Draft", which consists of a PDFwith your tax return. This document is not valid for submission.

    Generate draft

    Test reportThe "Import” button will allow you to retrieve a file made according to the logical design of form 165.

    Import external files

    Once you have selected the file, the application will offer you two possibilities:

    • A - Delete all taxpayer records and import.With this option you will delete all the current tax return and get a new tax return with the data that was in the imported file.
    • B - Add taxpayer records to the current tax return.This will keep the current tax return and add the new records to the existing ones.

    File import notice

    The "Export" button generates and saves a file in the logical design format of the form.This option requires that the declaration contain no errors.The name of this file is the taxpayer’s tax code and the extension is .165.

    Export tax return successful

    After validating and saving the tax return, press "Sign and Send".

    After validating, sign and send

    Tick the "In accordance” box.At the bottom, you are informed about data processing.To finish, press "Sign and Send".

    Accept, sign and send

    On screen, you will be shown a PDF of the successful tax return, the CSV confirming the authenticity of the document and the option of returning to the tax return or generating a new one.

    Report tax return filed

    If the tax return you are filing contains correct and erroneous records, only the correct records will be submitted.

    You must then go back to the return, correct the errors and resubmit the entire return, including all records, those already submitted and those pending.

    Partial tax return notice

    digital filing of informative tax return form 165
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