Consultation and modification of informative tax returns.Collaborators.Tax years prior to 2019

  • To consult, modify or cancel an informative tax return already filed for 2018 or later, use the link "Consultation and cancellation of tax returns.Tax years prior to 2019" on the procedures page for each form in the e-Office.Then, use the option available to partners, provided you can act as a corporate partner and access with digital signature (electronic certificate or DNIe).

    Consultation and modification Authorised representatives

    Partners link

    Identification with electronic certificate

    Indicate the tax year of the tax return filed, you can use the question mark icon to select the tax year, and then click on "Access".

    Choose tax year

    Please enter the taxpayer’s tax code or foreign identity number to obtain a list of files, or enter the filing party’s tax code to go to the holder’s files.Then click "Enter".

    Enter the NIF (Tax ID No.) and click "Access"

    If you access with the partner’s tax code, you will go to a summary of all informative tax return files available for consultation or modification.

    Please note that you will only be able to modify files with “Correct” or “With anomalies” status.For files being processed or under review, you can only consult the file history and anomalies detected following initial file review.

    Files with anomalies and correct files

    Then, click on the number in the "Receipt" column for the file you want to consult or correct.

    List of files

    Based on the processing status of the tax return and model, different options will appear in the "Available Services" menu:Detailed consultation of anomalies, Modify detail records, Modify summary page, Cancel detail record, Register detail record and Cancel due to replacement.Specifically, the Informative Tax Return forms for Income Tax will no longer include the options "Edit summary page" and "Registration of details record" in the fiscal year 2018, as in the new system all tax returns will be filed as correct and the adjustment of totals between the Type 1 record and the details record is not required.

    Detailed enquiry of anomalies

    A new feature in 2018 tax returns is that a result of the records with anomalies will be displayed on the screen instead of generating a PDF file with the tax return's anomalies.You can search by record number, by tax code or by unidentified taxpayers.

    Detailed enquiry of anomalies

    search for anomalies

    search for records with anomalies

    Modify detail records

    You can modify any type 2 records that you deem relevant.After you correct the records and, once the changes have been consolidated, the summary page will also be updated so you do not need to modify it.A maximum of 500 records can be modified in each submission.

    Modificar registro de detalle

    1.Submission and continue with the modification

    You can search for the record to edit by record number, tax code or unidentified taxpayers.In addition, the record required editing can be selected by clicking on the detail number of the record list displayed.

    find details record

    If there are any incorrect details, the field will appear in yellow.Once edited, the fields will turn to colour orange;click "Accept" to save changes.

    Edit incorrect datum

    change details record and accept

    The latest step will request the conformation of submission; therefore, you must click on the "I Agree" box and click on "Sign and Submit" to obtain the receipt of submission of the edition, with the corresponding Secure Verification Code.

    In conformance with submission of edited details records

    confirmation edited records

    Modify summary page

    It allows editing details on the summary page, but only in the Informative Tax Return forms that are not for Income Tax, as in the new system of submissions and cancellations the adjustment of totals between the Type 1 record and the details record is not required.

    Modify Summary Page

    In those instances in which it is available, you will be able to access the details of the summary page and edit any data you consider appropriate.If there are any incorrect details the fields will appear in yellow; on the right-hand side you will see help links with information regarding the calculations of your tax return and the H.R. errors. Once corrected, the modified fields will appear in orange.

    Continue modify summary page

    Errors in the summary page

    Errors modified

    Review the modified data before confirming submission and click "Continue".

    Tax return overview summary page

    Continue to submit the modification until the associated record number appears.

    Sign and Send summary page modification

    You can print the resulting sheet as proof of the correction from the "View in printable format" link.

    Cancel detail record

    This allows you to remove records that have been included in the tax return.These changes automatically update the tax return summary page so you do not have to make changes to it.Click on "Continue".

    Cancel detail record

    Continue cancelling detail record

    The record search procedure is similar to other services.Once located, simply select them and click "Continue".

    Locate error to cancel

    Click Continue

    Continue with the submission and click 'Sign and send'. You will then receive a PDF receipt via the 'See printable format' link.

    To confirm cancellation, click Continue

    Sign and send the record cancellation

    Register detail record

    This allows you to register a new record, provided that there are no type 1 errors in the record.Unable to register with errors;in this case, the fields would be displayed in yellow.Registering new type 2 records automatically updates the tax return summary page so you don't have to make changes to it.We remind you that this option will be available only for Informative Tax Return forms that are not for Income Tax.

    Register detail record

    Continue registering detail record

    Enter the type 2 record data you want to include in each field.All fields in which you include information will be shown in orange.Click "Continue".In tab 3 “Confirm submission", check that the data you are submitting is correct.Click "Continue" again.

    Filling in register of detail record

    Continue confirmation of register data

    Confirmation submission of registration of detail record

    It will then link to the online register to submit the modification with record registration.Click “Sign and Send”.

    Sign and Send Register detail record

    Note that after modifying one or more detail records you must wait for the changes to take effect.The detail modification process is run periodically;therefore, if the options "Modify detail record", "Modify summary page" or "Cancel detail record" are not available, the change has not yet been consolidated.

    Cancellation due to replacement

    For 2018 tax returns a new service is made available involving the cancellation of tax returns due to replacement, which is the preliminary step to filing a substitute tax return via the TGVI online system.As a result all the records of a tax return will be immediately cancelled and replaced by a new substitute tax return for the same fiscal year.

    Cancellation due to replacement option

    explanation of the cancellation service

    Check the details and click on "Sign and Submit".Just like in the filing of other tax returns, click on the "I Agree" box and click again on "Sign and Submit".

    confirm cancellation

    A notice and the associated Secure Verification Code (CSV) are provided as confirmation of the cancellation.

    cancellation submission receipt

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