Consultation and cancellation of informative tax returns (Financial year 2019 and onwards)

  • To consult or cancel an informative tax return already submitted you can use the option "Consultation and cancellation of tax returns.Financial year 2019 and onwards" available in the list of procedures of each form of the informative tax return that has this option enabled on the e-Office.

    Consultation and cancellation of tax returns

    Access is available with Cl@ve PIN an electronic certificate or </g>DNI of the taxpayer or someone authorised to present and consult tax returns on behalf of third parties, either by being registered as a corporate partner or by being authorised to carry out this procedure.

    Enter your DNI or NIE if you are going to identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN or click on "Electronic certificate or </g>DNIe" to use this type of identification.

    With an electronic certificate

    After logging in, you will be taken to the data entry window;select the financial year, indicate the NIF of the taxpayer and choose the form from the drop-down menu.By default, the form of the procedure you are in will appear.Then click 'OK.'Fill in the data and click OK

    The list of files will be shown, including the supporting number, the file, the date of submission, whether it is a supplementary or substitute tax return, the supporting number of the previous tax return, the status and the number of details (records).

    To consult the tax return, see the services available and the history of the file, click on the number of the receipt in the column "Receipt".

    List of files

    For tax returns with a “CORRECT TAX RETURN” status, depending on the means of filing of the form, by means of a form or file, in the tab "Available services" you will see the following options:

    • Cancellation of Tax return due to Substitution

    • Consultation and modification of detail records (if the tax return was submitted by form)

    • Cancellation of detail (if the tax return was submitted by file)

    • Consult detailed records (if the tax return was submitted by file)

    • Filing receipt (PDF)

    • Recording of the tax return (consultation/copy)

    Services available for submission with form

    Services available for presentation by file

    In the "File history" tab, you will find the list of steps taken with the tax return and the date of action.

    history of the file in consultation and cancellation of informative tax returns 2019

    Cancellation of Tax return due to Substitution

    On the "Available Services" tab, click on "Withdrawal of Tax Return due to Substitution" to remove all records of a tax return that will later be replaced by a new substitute tax return of the same year and form.

    Once the tax return has been cancelled, you can decide whether to continue with the filing of the new tax return, by form (for submissions up to 40,000 records) or by file.

    Cancellation of tax return

    The next window will inform you of the data associated with the tax return, including the 13-digit receipt number, which you must enter in the tax return you are submitting as a substitute.We recommend that you write it down for later use.However, by going back into the consultation and cancellation of tax returns you will be able to consult it.

    Then click on "Sign and Submit", check the "OK" box and click on "Sign and Submit" again.

    Sign and send

    A notice and the associated Secure Checking Code (CSV) are provided as confirmation of the cancellation.

    Cancellation of tax return processed correctly

    Consultation and modification of detail records

    If the tax return has been submitted by form (only for submissions up to 40,000 records), you can modify the tax return by clicking on "View and modify detail records".

    Consultation and modification of records

    In this case, you are directed to the form's web form to recover the tax return submitted on the form and to amend the tax return as you see fit.The form allows you to add new records and delete or modify existing ones.After making the changes, the tax return is sent.For more information you can consult the link "How to modify an informative tax return by means of a web form (add, modify and delete records)".

    amend the tax return

    Cancellation of detail

    In "Available services" the option "Cancellation of details" has also been enabled, only for tax returns submitted with a file by TGVI online, by which you can cancel a record.

    Cancellation of detail

    Click on "Cancellation of detail" and you will get a list of all detail records.To go to the record you want to remove, there are several fields to filter the search.You can indicate the detail number, the VAT number, mark unidentified records or the incorrect ones.Once you have selected the search criteria, click on the "Search" button.

    The result will be displayed at the bottom.To enter the registry click on the detail number.

    Filter the search

    Check all the data and click "OK".

    Click 'Accept'

    In the next window, click on "Sign and Send", then check the "OK" box in the pop-up window and click on "Sign and Send" again to make the deletion effective.

    Sign and send

    Consult detail records

    When accessing the record consultation, in the presentations that have been made by means of a file by TGVI online, a list of all the type 2 records registered in the tax return is displayed.

    Consult detail records in presentations by file

    You can search by registration number, by NIF, by unidentified taxpayer or recipient and by incorrect records.To consult a specific record, click on the detail number.

    Record search

    Record detail information

    However, no changes can be made through this consultation;file submissions require the submission of supplementary or substitute tax returns to add or modify records.See the information provided in "How to modify an informative tax return by file (supplementary and substitute tax returns)".

    Filing receipt (PDF)

    Regardless of the type of submission (by form or by TGVI-Online) or the status of the tax return (cancelled or correct), from this option you can download the receipt of submission of the tax return in PDF format.

    PDF receipt link

    This receipt includes a first sheet with the submission information (registration entry number or file number, the CSV (Secure Verification Code), the presenter's NIF and receipt number) and, on the following pages, the copy of the submitted tax return.If the number of type 2 records is equal to or less than 498, the detail of each one will be shown;if the number of type 2 records is higher, only the taxpayer's type 1 record and a summary of them will be shown.To obtain all records, download the file corresponding to the presentation from the option "Recording of the tax return (consultation/copy)".

    With the Secure Verification Code you can check the authenticity of the document and view it again in the section "Compare documents using a secure verification code (CSV)".

    At the top you will see the "Download document" link through which you can download the PDF document and open it or save it to your computer.

    On the right side there are buttons to download the file in XML format and view the document in full screen.

    PDF file with receipt and copy of the tax return

    Recording of the tax return (consultation/copy)

    In the "Available services" tab you can consult the tax return presented and obtain a .txt file in </g>BOE format.

    BOE format file

    Tax returns with “Cancelled" status

    For tax returns with “Cancelled” status, the option "Cancellation of Tax return due to Substitution" in the "Services available" section will be disabled.

    You will find the options "Filing receipt (PDF)" and “Recording of tax return (consultation/copy)" to download the PDF of the tax return presented and the .txt file of the tax return in </g>BOE format, respectively, in the same way as the correct tax returns.

    Services of a tax return with “Unregistered” status

    Consult modification cancellation informative tax returns 2020
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