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Electronic submission of Form 037

  • El enlace "Cumplimentación y presentación telemática 037" está disponible en la relación de trámites de los "Modelos 036 y 037.Register of business persons, professionals and withholders - Register declaration for registration, modification and cancellation and simplified register declaration”

    Tramites modelo 036 037

    Enter the DNI or NIE in the box to log in with Cl@ve PIN or click "Access with electronic certificate or DNI".


    The characters included in the following list should be used when filling out the form:

      White 32 20
    & Ampersand 38 26
    Inverted comma 39 27
    ( Bracket.Right. 40 28
    ) Bracket.Left. 41 29
    , Comma 44 2C
    - Script 45 2D
    . Point 46 2E
    / Bar 47 2F
    0-9 Numbers 48-57 30-39
    : Colon 58 3A
    ; Semicolon 59 3B
    A-Z Letters 65-90 41-5A
    _ Underscore 95 5F
    Ç Cedilla 199 C7
    " Quotation mark    

    The character @ can also be used in the email field.

    At the beginning of the form, there is an option "Examine...”if you wish to import a file generated with a non-AEAT program. Bear in mind that this file must be constructed in plain text format (.txt) without any formatting and must align with the logical design of the file currently in use.You can find the form 037 design for online filing and the rest of the requirements in the section "Information and assistance" for the form.

    Click Examine

    Form 037 also allows you to save the tax return generated with our form in order to subsequently recover it ("SAVE" button).

    Save file

    If you click on the 'Save' button, a NIF037.txt file will be saved in the 'Download' folder or in the default download location on your web browser.

    Save as

    If you have any questions when filling in the tax return, consult the "Information and Assistance" for the form.

    Information and Assistance

    To file the return, press the "Send" button. If the return contains no errors, on the next window press "OK" and then press "Sign and Send".

    If this is correct, click Send

    Click OK, Sign and send

    The result of a correctly filed 037 return will always be a reply sheet with a text: "Your submission was successful" and an embedded PDF whose first page contains information concerning the filing (registry entry number, Secure Verification Code, receipt number, date and time of filing and taxpayer details) and the following pages contain a full copy of the return.

    There are cases in which it will be necessary to provide the receipt provided in order to state the option or reason for filing form 037.In these cases, the filing receipt the taxpayer will obtain will contain a notice highlighting that the filing will not take effect until the required documentation is presented and verified.

    To present the requested documents, access with digital certificate or ClavePIN through the option "Submit complementary documents".This application allows documents to be send in several formats, linked to the tax return by the file number or electronic reference number.

    Provide documentation

    You can also make changes to the census details if you log in with a digital certificate or ClavePIN in the section "My census details" on the E-Office.

    . Mis datos censales en Sede Electrónica

    If you do not have a digital certificate or ClavePIN, you can access the option "Fill out, validate and obtain in PDF for printing form 037" (this requires that you have a PDF document viewer, such as Adobe Reader, installed).Once you have filled in the details in the form, the application will be generated in PDF, which you can print in order to submit wherever necessary together with the necessary documents.

    Para dudas en materia tributaria, contacte con el 901 33 55 33 / 91 554 87 70 de Información Tributaria o consulte personalmente en su Administración o Delegación.

    simplified census declaration of registration, modification and deregistration from the Census of business persons and employers 036
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