Electronically filing Form 030

  • For online filing of form 030, go to the e-Office, "All procedures", "Censuses, tax code and tax address", "Censuses", "Form 030.Census of liable taxpayers-Statement of registration, change of address and/or change of personal details" and select "Modification or filing".

    Procedure Form 030.

    Enter the DNI or NIE in the box to log in with Cl@ve PIN or click "Access with electronic certificate or DNI".


    Note:In the instructions for form 030, in "Information and help" , "General information". you will find complete information on taxpayers required to file a tax return, filing deadline and how to fill in the different fields.

    Once logged in, you can manually fill in the tax return or import a file using the "Browse” button, provided that the file adapts to the updated registry design.

    start form 030- examine

    When you have finished filling in the tax return, click on "Sign and send”.

    Sign and send form 030

    If filing is correct, you will receive a response sheet with the CSV code (Secure Verification Code), the filing details and a copy of the tax return.

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