Allocation of NIF (tax identification number) for minors through administrative agents

  • Administrative agents can request a NIF (tax identification number) for minors through the service available on the e-Office based on entrusting management thereof to administrative agents.

    In the list of procedures for 'Form 030.Taxpayer Register-Tax return for registration, change of address and/or change of personal details', follow the link 'Allocation of NIF to minors through administrative agents'.

    Procedure Form 030.

    The taxpayer must then identify themselves with the authorised electronic certificate that matches the tax code of the official member, as notified on the documentation visa.

    electronic certificate

    The procedure for allocating the tax code is made up of four steps:

    • Identificación:Enter the details of the guardian and the minor.Enter the identification details of the guardian and the minor.Ensure that the date of birth is entered in the required format:day, month and year separated by forward slashes (dd/mm/yyyy).


    Another detail required is the ERN generated on the documentation visa, which can be found on the reply sheet of the documentation visa notification.

    state the ERN in communication of documentation visa

    • Enter personal details
    • Enter tax address
    • Confirmation of details

    In response, a page will be shown with the filing confirmation message and a PDF copy of the filing.

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