Registration in the register of individuals with DNI or NIE by corporate partners

  • Access requires identification with an electronic certificate from the corporate partner and the agreement must authorise filing for procedure 030.

    After identification you will go to section "1.Identification".Enter the tax code/foreign identity number, the last name(s) and the first name in the order indicated:First surname, second surname and name.

    NIF (Tax ID Number) or NIE (Foreign National ID Number) identification

    If it is a foreign identity number, the permit certificate number must be stated.

    Once the details have been filled in, click "Send".Bear in mind that these details cannot be modified later.If the tax code/foreign identity number are already on the Taxpayer Register, the application will display a message stating this and you will not be able to proceed.

    NIE (Foreign National ID number) identification with volume number

    In the following tab:'2.Personal details", fill in birth details:place, date and country of residence.Then, in the "Other personal details” section you have the option of saving an address to which notifications should be send.If you choose "Yes, save address for notifications", a new tab will be enabled to complete the information.Finally, click "Send details".

    Fill in of Personal details

    Next you will access tab "3.Residence details”.If in the previous step you selected the option to enter an address for notifications, the following tab will also be enabled: "3.1.Notification Residence Details".Click "Send details" once again.

    Fill in Address details and press send data

    Next, tab "4.Confirmation” will open, where you will find a summary of the details you have entered.If they are correct, click "Confirm registration” at the bottom.

    Confirm the correct data and press send

    After confirming, you can download a PDF of the receipt by clicking on the link "Generate Tax Identification Card".

    Generate Tax ID Card

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