Consult tax code requests for a minor

  • Financial institutions that use the tax code application procedure for a minor can check which applications have been filed and their status from the service "Consult requests for a tax code for a minor by a credit institution" available in list of procedures for "Form 030.Taxpayer Register-Declaration for registration, change of address and/or change of personal details".

    Procedure Form 030.

    To consult the existing requests, you can filter by several criteria:select the tax code of the minor's legal representative, the range of dates of the request registration and whether the tax code has been assigned a tax code yet or not. Click "Search" to check the results.

    Search request

    If the field is blank in the "tax code of the minor” column, the tax code is still being processed.If the tax code has already been assigned, it will appear in this column.You can consult the tax code and obtain these details with the link to the application acknowledgment of receipt by clicking the register no.

    Results tax code minor

    "Error" may also appear in the "Status" column, meaning there is an incident with this application:

    Request incorrect

    030 bank entity ID minor collaborating minors enquiry verification
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