Consult and modify your tax residence and address for notification purposes

  • In the list of procedures for "Form 030.Register of liable taxpayers-Declaration of registration, change of address and/or change of personal details” has a link "Consult and modify your tax address and address for notification purposes (My census details)", from where you can view and modify your tax address and notifications address.

    Form 030

    It is also possible to access the procedure from the option "My census data" on the E-Office.

    My record

    Enter the DNI or NIE in the box to log in with Cl@ve PIN or click "Access with electronic certificate or DNI".


    The following screen will show the identification and census data of the logged in user.

    On the top left, the NIF of the certificate holder is shown.In the event that the certificate holder has been granted a power of attorney to carry out the procedure on behalf of a third party, they may modify this data and check the information of another taxpayer.Or, select the proxy to be consulted by clicking on the link next to the NIF box, and selecting the corresponding one.After that, click on the "Send" button.

    Access on behalf of third parties

    Then the taxpayer's identification details and tax and notifications addresses on record at that time will be displayed.Depending on the census situation of the holder, the system will display a series of consultation options or others.

    Identification details

    In the case of access to the consultation of a taxpayer with no economic activity, the options for consultation and modification will be as follows:

    • Change of Fiscal Address:allows you to modify the data of the tax address in the census.
    • Registration of Notification Address:this option offers the possibility to add an address for notification purposes.Allows you to add a postal address or a PO Box.
    • Other Census Modifications:this option directly links to the procedures of form 036-037.

    Consultation of taxpayer without economic activity

    In the case that you are accessing the data of a taxpayer from the Register of Businesspersons, Professionals and Employers, you can also consult, among others, the following options:

    • My Economic Activities:the list of activities of the liable taxpayer.
    • My Tax Situation:a summary of the tax situation in the VAT, Corporation Tax, Personal Income Tax and Non-Residents Income Tax regimes
    • My Obligations:shows the list of periodical tax obligations and their status.

    Taxpayer consultation with economic activities

    From the option "Change of tax address" you can modify the data of the tax address that appears in the register.Through this option the change in the database is immediate, unlike in the case of the other procedures.

    Once you have checked and modified the necessary data, click on the "Confirm Modification" button.

    Change of address

    To confirm the change, a receipt of the procedure is displayed with the date and time of the filing, the CSV with which the receipt can be recovered on the E-Office and the direct link to view the receipt.


    To modify the notifications address, follow the same procedure.

    Depending on the situation of the taxpayer in the register, it will also be possible to modify other census data besides the address, by clicking on the option "Other register modifications", which links directly to the procedures of form 036-037.

    Other register changes, form 036-037

    We remind you that if you do not have an electronic certificate, DNIe or Cl@vePIN you can consult or request a change of tax address by calling 901 200 345 or by filing form 030 through the option "Extraordinary procedure for filing form 030 - not in person", available in the procedures of form 030. Similarly, you can present the form in person at the Tax Office office that corresponds to your tax address at the time of presentation or send it by registered mail to the same address.

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