Provision of supporting documentation in batches

  • The Tax Agency offers a batch filing service for some procedures that allows you to send additional documentation corresponding to the filing of a return using the CSV of the return.

    The link to the “Provide supporting documentation in batches” service is available on the page of the corresponding procedure on the E-Office.

    This type of filing only accepts electronic identification with certificate or e-DNI.

    The new batch submission application is compatible with any properly updated browser.It allows you to select multiple files from the filer’s disk drive for filing.

    To file, you must:

    Step 1:File upload

    You can add the documents you wish to submit by dragging them or by clicking on the “Select files” button.

    For correct incorporation, the name of each of the files must start with the CSV to which they refer plus a descriptive name.

    In addition, you must fill in the contact details, and a telephone number is compulsory.

    Select file with documents

    Give details of CSV file plus name

    Once selected, a list of files to be filed will be displayed.Review the list, if there are any that you do not wish to file you can delete them by clicking on the cancel button below each file.Click "Send File" if everything is correct.

    List of documents and sign

    Step 2:Confirmation

    Once filed, a list of the filing will be displayed, with details of each CSV and the documents filed.If there has been an error, this will also be indicated.Click “Accept” and then “Sign and Send” to finish the procedure. 

    In agreement

    Step 3:Filing confirmation

    When the filing has been completed, a screen will appear with the generated entries and the information of each of them, including the filing confirmation.

    You can also download all filing confirmations in a ZIP compressed file by clicking on the button with that name.

    Confirmation of filing

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