How to consult VAT importation with payment deferment

  • The deferred VAT amounts for each period can be viewed, as well as the status of these amounts payable, from the option "Consult VAT on imports with deferred payment" which you will find on the E-Office of our website, in the sections for consulting forms 303 and 322.Also on the website "Customs", "Filing and dispatching returns", "Imports".

    E-Office image of the consultation procedure for VAT on imports with deferred payment

    Log in with the taxpayer's electronic certificate and perform the search with the desired criteria:Document type, date range, year and period.You can also select "Amounts per period"

    Set details to consult and click search

    Based on the data established, the search results will be shown.

    The results will be shown

    To access details of the operation, click on the reference number where the deferred VAT details are shown, the self-assessment period, the self-assessment amounts and the details of the executive debt.

    Click on the link "Document reference no." to access the Imports SAD consultation.

    Document reference number

    Possible details and actions carried out on the SAD will be shown, such as attaching annexes, printing, consulting accounting data, management, list of imports and other consultations made.

    SAD details

    Details of items

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