What is a CRN?

The CRN (Complete Reference Number) is the code generated by the bank as a receipt to identify a tax payment.A CRN consists of 22 characters which include encrypted information on the taxpayer's Tax ID, amount, form, financial year and period.

The CRN will appear on the receipt for the operation, along with the summary of the payment details.For the CRN to be valid, it is important that the data provided to the Collaborating Entity at the time of payment are correct.

In tax returns and self-assessments that require payment, and for which you have not selected direct debit payment, you must include the CRN generated by the bank to be able to complete filing.

On the other hand, when payment settlements / debts, once payment has been made and you have obtained the CRN, the procedure will be completed with no further actions necessary.You can save the response obtained with the CRN as a receipt for the operation.

If you completed payment via the Tax Agency payment gateway but you did not obtain or keep the receipt, you can recover it from the relevant consultation options, in the e-Office under "Features procedures", "Payment of taxes".

For more information on paying taxes online you can refer to help with the payment of taxes and self-assessments online.

CRN general information