Summary of unread notifications and communications (Via e-Office)

  • From the link "Summary of unread notifications and communications (Appearance at Headquarters)", the possibility is offered to access in a highlighted way those notifications and communications that, according to the information of the AEAT, have not been accessed or read yet by the taxpayer.

    Link e-Office Summary of unread notifications and communications

    The procedures requires identification with the electronic certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve PIN of the filing party.If you are going to use an electronic certificate or DNI, click on the link "Access with electronic certificate or DNI" and, if you are going to use the Cl@ve PIN system, enter the DNI or NIE in the box.

    Identification with electronic Certificate/DNI or Cl@ve PIN

    In addition to the holder themselves, a third party acting on their behalf, either a corporate partner or a proxy, may also access the tax return.

    This summary shows the pending notifications, of which you are both the holder and the recipient or authorised, and two other sections, "Notifications notified but not read". This includes notices published on the Single Editorial Board and electronic notices that have expired ten days after they were made available and have not been accessed on the e-Office and "Unread communications" includes electronic communications that have not been accessed and communications issued by mail in the last three weeks. 

    Summary of notifications and communications

    The button "Click here to see the rest" will be displayed in case there are more results than those offered on the first page for this type.In this way you can access the general view of the notifications and communications search engine with the complete list of this type of notifications already filtered.You can browse between the different pages and even export the results to a CSV file

    Exporting results and paging

    Download Excel file with list of notifications

    To access the notification or communication, click on the certificate number.If it is catalogued as pending, to access its content, you will have to click the "Sign and Send" button.Mark the box "OK" and click again on "Sign and Send".Please note that you must have a PDF viewer installed and allow the download of files.

    Access to communication from certificate number

    sign and send pending notification

    As signed notice by appearance

    If you need to perform other searches you can filter by the available criteria, "On behalf of", "Type", date range and "Read".Please note that to access third party notifications it is imperative that you filter the results of the selected person or entity, which may be the taxpayer themselves, an entity to which they succeed or a person or entity empowered by the taxpayer to access their notifications and communications using the "On behalf of" field.

    search engine notifications

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