How to request the courtesy days for sending electronic notifications - Authorised representatives

  • Liable taxpayers included in the Provided Email Address System may indicate up to a maximum of 30 days in each calendar year during which the Agency may not send notifications to the DEH

    In order to request the courtesy days, you must be registered with the DEH and have subscribed to the procedures available at the Tax Agency for the receipt of notifications.

    In the event that you are not included in the group of liable taxpayers to receive electronic notifications from the Tax Agency, you must subscribe to the procedures you want, and if you are obliged to receive electronic notifications you must ensure that you are included in the -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Mandatory Electronic Notification System (NEO)</g>, having signed the corresponding notification of inclusion in the NEO system in the E-Office or in the Administration itself if you do not have an electronic certificate.

    In any case, the courtesy days must be requested at least seven calendar days prior to the beginning of the desired period.

    If the person who will manage both the electronic notifications and the courtesy days is a third party, they must be authorised for the GENERALNOT procedure and ensure that they have been authorised.

    For more information on this procedure, we recommend viewing the Order EHA/3552/2011, of 19 December (BOE 29 December) available at "Links of Interest".

    To request these courtesy days, go to the "My notifications” section of the E-Office and click on the "Request for days on which notifications will not be sent to the Provided Email Address” in the "Subscriptions, requests and other queries" section.

    Access to the procedure requires identification with an electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN of the taxpayer.A person or entity authorised to make submissions on behalf of others may also be identified:corporate partner (only with electronic certificate) or proxy.

    Identification with electronic Certificate/DNI or Cl@ve PIN

    When accessing the service, the application validates whether the selected electronic certificate is registered to the electronic notification system and, if so, the calendar for the current calendar year will be displayed to indicate the desired days.

    Review the "Notices".For proper planning of your absences, please note the following points:

    • The courtesy days take effect, exclusively, in relation to the notifications at the Provided Email Address, in the terms of Article 4 of the Order EHA/3552/2011, of 19 December, and during these days, the Tax Agency shall not send notifications to the Provided Email Address.Electronic notifications made available to you prior to the commencement of the courtesy-day period shall be deemed to be notified following ten days without access to them.

    • You must also mark Saturdays and Sundays.

    • In the event that you voluntarily subscribe to receive electronic notifications, the foregoing shall only take effect in respect of the procedures to which you are subscribed.

    • To expand the courtesy days to the represented parties, select:Manage Proxy Courtesy Periods and Assign courtesy period.


    Click the "Modify" option to start the courtesy days request.You may only mark the available days.Once selected they will be marked in green.Click "Validate" and then "Sign and Send".

    Modify Validate

    Sign and send

    In the next window, check "OK" and click "Sign and Send” again.A request receipt with a 16-character CSV code and the calendar with the courtesy days selected and updated, in addition to the date and time of the request, will be generated.If you would like to see the submission receipt in PDF format, click "View submission receipt".However, at the top of the notice you will see the CSV code to retrieve this proof through the "Document comparison through secure verification code (CSV)" </g>available in the "Featured procedures” section.


    Receipt of the request

    If you want to change or cancel any of the dates listed, use the "Modify" option again.The dates can only be modified if they are within the change period, that is, seven days before the start.

    In addition, if you access the courtesy days request at any time, you may obtain the PDF corresponding to the receipt of the last assignment by using the "View last receipt" link at the top.

    View last receipt

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  • Management of courtesy days of the representative

    If you access with a certificate that has the GENERALNOT proxy confirmed or some other specific notification proxy, the certificate holder's (proxy) days can be modified from the "Modify” button, if they are subscribed to any of the electronic notification procedures in their own name. In this case, the calendar will appear so that they can select the days they need from the ones available.See the help section “How to request the courtesy days for sending electronic notifications”.

    It is recommended that you assign the days of the represented parties in bulk and that these days match your own (proxy).


    If the proxy is not subscribed to the electronic notification procedures, the calendar for managing their own days will not be displayed.Only the courtesy days of the selected represented parties will be allowed to be managed.

    No subscribed notification procedures

    Management of courtesy days of the represented party

    If the holder of the electronic certificate with which you accessed has confirmed the GENERALNOT proxy, the "Manage Proxy Courtesy Periods" option will appear in the application to select the courtesy days.Note that courtesy days are governed by the days assigned to the taxpayer, not those assigned to the proxy.

    The courtesy period management options are:

    Image of the management of courtesy days for represented parties

    View/modify represented parties

    From the "View/Modify Represented Parties" option, you can review the days you have already selected, as well as add and modify days.In this case, a list of the represented parties that have granted you the GENERALNOT power will be displayed.You can obtain an excel file with the represented party data displayed in this window using the excel icon.Check the box of the represented party for whom you want to view or modify the calendar and click "Accept".

    Image view or modify represented parties

    Click "Modify" to load the calendar that allows you to mark the desired days.Then, click "Validate" and "Sign and Send".

    Image of modifying

    Image of signing and sending

    View courtesy period of represented party

    From the "View Courtesy Period of represented party" option, you will be able to view the days of the 2017 courtesy period for a represented party.

    Enter the NIF of the represented party and click the search icon.

    Image of NIF search of the represented party

    Courtesy period bulk allocation to represented parties

    From the "20XX Courtesy period bulk allocation to represented parties” option, you can select the represented parties you deem appropriate to collectively assign the same courtesy days that the proxy has requested from the day indicated in the notification.


    • Search by NIF or Name
    • Filter based on whether or not they have courtesy days assigned

    Check the represented parties you want and click "Accept" and "Sign and Send" to submit the request.

    Image of mass allocation of days

    Image of mass allocation

    Once the bulk allocation is processed, a response window with the NIF and CSV corresponding to each allocation will be displayed.A PDF ("Submission Receipt") containing all the information regarding the mass updating of courtesy periods will also be generated.

    Courtesy period bulk cloning to represented parties

    From the "Courtesy period bulk cloning to represented parties (20XX to 20XX)” option, you can select the represented parties you deem appropriate to collectively assign the same courtesy days selected this year for the next year.

    Mark the represented parties you want and click "Accept". A window with the selected represented parties and a link will to see the resulting days will appear.Then click "Sign and Send" to submit the cloning of courtesy days.

    Image of Courtesy period bulk cloning to represented parties

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