Consult notification and communications

Using this option you can access a search engine to locate notifications and communications associated with the taxpayer at the time of issue as notification holder, recipient or proxy so as to access the holder's notifications and communications.

Link consult notifications and communications at e-Office

The procedures requires identification with the electronic certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve PIN of the filing party.If you are going to use an electronic certificate or DNI, click on the link "Access with electronic certificate or DNI" and, if you are going to use the Cl@ve PIN system, enter the DNI or NIE in the box.

Identification with electronic Certificate/DNI or Cl@ve PIN

In addition to the holder themselves, a third party acting on their behalf, either a corporate partner or a proxy, may also access the tax return.

Here are the search criteria you can use to access notifications and communications:

  • "On behalf of" , allows you to filter the results of the selected person or entity, which can be the taxpayer themselves, an entity they replace, or a person or entity with power of attorney from the taxpayer to access notifications and communications.This criterion also shows all notifications and communications whose holder is the third party, including those that were issued before receiving power of attorney or being granted replacement.To make it easier to search for the third party, you can click on the new window icon and activate the search window.You can search by Tax ID, name, type and procedure by clicking the "Show Filters" link or directly selecting the taxpayer.In order to locate third-party notifications and communications, this field must indicate the Tax ID of the principal or replaced entity.criteria on behalf of Select third-party Tax ID select by filter
  • "Type" filters results to notifications read or not, and communications. type criterion
  • Date range allows you to narrow your search to the dates indicated, with no minimum or maximum range. date range criterion
  • "Read" , to filter notifications or communications that have been read or not. The "Read" mark is activated when the taxpayer, whether the holder, recipient or proxy access the communication when accessing notifications, or when it has been delivered by the post office, by hand or by a tax agent.In addition, to prevent old notifications or communications hindering the identification of more recent notices not reviewed by the taxpayer, notifications issued over a year ago and those issued by the post office over three weeks ago are considered to have been read. read criterion

Once you have selected the criteria, click "Search".The first 10 results that meet the selected conditions will be displayed.

Search for notifications

If there is more, the "More" button will be enabled to access them.The data provided on each notification or communication is the certificate number, which is a link to access the certificate, the concept, type, holder, recipient, issue and notification dates, the notification form, and whether or not it has been read.Then another 10 results will be displayed and page links will be enabled to locate the rest and even export the results to an Excel document.

search results and see more

page and export results

access to notification or communication

Depending on whether this is a notification or a communication, whether it is already notified or not, and read or not, an access button will be enabled that is different from the download or view button.

view communication button

PDF communication

From the search engine, at the top, you will have a link to access the summary of unread notifications and communications.

go to unread summary

unread summary view

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