AEAT information notices by mobile phone or e-mail

  • The Tax Agency offers a new subscription service to information notices by SMS and e-mail available in the option "Subscription to AEATinformation notices" </g>of the e-Office, accessible from the section "Featured Procedures" or from "All procedures", "Other services", "Notifications".

    Informative notifications from the Tax Agency

    You can register from the link "Subscription to information notices" and access to this service can be made with an electronic certificate, Cl@ve PIN system or with the income tax return reference number provided by the Tax Agency through the RENØ service.

    Identification with electronic Certificate/DNI or Cl@ve PIN

    We remind you that you can request this reference up to 10 times a day and the valid reference will always be the last one requested.The service for obtaining references is available on the Income Tax Campaign Portal or on the Tax Agency app.In "Links of interest" we offer you a help on how to obtain the income tax campaign reference.In addition, whenever you select the identification by reference, you can get a new one by clicking the option "I don't have a reference".

    Suscripción a avisos

    I don't have a reference number

    Once you access the service the first thing you must do is identify yourself with your NIF and name and surname of the taxpayer and click "Confirm".

    NIF and name

    Afterwards, the details of the data will be displayed;If you have already been registered with the service, this information can be consulted under "Other information".Click the "Add" button to provide the subscription data.

    Registration of notices

    You can then select how you want us to communicate the notices to you:by mobile phone, which can be Spanish or foreign and by email.Click on "Confirm".

    Adding notifications

    By pressing the button, a PDF document will be opened with the proof of registration in the service, while you get a page response indicating that the operation has been carried out successfully.

    proof of registration in PDF

    registration confirmation

    In addition to receiving notifications by SMS and email, a new channel is enabled, push notifications through the Tax Agency's app.We remind you that the mobile application allows you to obtain the Income Tax reference, consult your tax data and obtain a copy of the Income Tax returns submitted, as well as manage other general services at the e-Office.

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