Voluntary subscription to electronic notification procedures

  • Once the -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-registration has been made at the Authorised Electronic Address (DEH),</g> you can subscribe to the notification procedures of the Tax Agency.

    To subscribe, enter the portal of the Authorised E-mail Address and click on "Enter Mailbox".

    Entering the mailbox

    In the section "Subscription to Procedures" you can check the procedures that the different Public Bodies make available to you.

    Subscription procedures

    To facilitate and simplify voluntary subscription to the DEH, the Tax Agency has unified all the electronic procedures for voluntary subscription into a single one, called Notifications of Actions and Procedures of the Tax Agency (code AEATPI20130101UNICO).

    Note: in the case of those obliged to receive notifications and communications from AEAT by electronic means, the subscription to the procedures is made automatically and will not appear in the subscription table.

    From the drop-down menus, select "AEAT" as the issuing body and the category "AEAT" or "ALL".Only two procedures will appear:the management of VAT refunds to non-residents and the single procedure.Select the appropriate one and click "Subscribe".

    Select procedure

    The DHS will send a validation code to the registered email address.Accept the terms of the subscription, enter the code received and click "Sign" to end the subscription.


    If the subscription was successful, a message appears confirming the registration.

    Subscription confirmation

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